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Calif. Court to Punish Nude Sunbathers on Beaches

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on October 24, 2009

Don’t go Au Natural when in California.

In the state that epitomizes Beach and Sun, Surf and Sand, “Beach Blanket Bingo” and all things liberal in the USA, now residents are told they must keep their pants on, er swim suits that is, when they go to any of the iconic California beaches.

The California Supreme Court actually had to get involved in this squabble when the community values people and moralists brigade raised a fuss over the nude sunbathing being enjoyed on the states clothing optional beaches.  Now, people who want to enjoy a public beach in the nude will be punished.

 In the past there were areas on some beaches that had a reputation for being “clothing optional.”  Now, sensibilities of the majority are such that going au natural is now deemed to be an intolerable scandal.  Apparently it does not matter that everyone knows where these beaches are and that it is easy to avoid them if one chooses to.  In effect, if anyone found their way onto a clothing optional beach it is because they chose to be there.  These informally designated areas that have offered nude sunbathing for more than 20 years will now see a crackdown.

 Officials have already begun to crack down on some of the nicest and most popular clothing optional beaches.  One naturist said that these moralists that forced the issue into court “are demonizing what God gave us and these people don’t share our values.  Their intolerance is shameful.  We don’t force them to go nude on their beaches, they shouldn’t force us to cover up on our beaches.” 

 That being said, it remains true that this land of the Puritans continues to surprise the world with their societal attitudes.  But this is one of those states that took away our rights to marry by popular vote, so nothing should surprise us.  What is surprising is that California, a state with a historic budget shortfall and dire economic predictions; in a state where civil servants are being paid with paper “IOU’s” because the government is broke, THIS is what they are working on.  The irony is that soon, no one will be able to afford to buy a swim suit and everyone will be swimming nekked.


Over There:  “Shame! in what God and your Momma gave you.”

Over HERE, in our new Gay State:  To paraphrase Patrick Henry:  “Give me my nude Gay Beaches or give me death!”


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