The World's New Gay State

The National Equality March on Washington Continues to Produce Positive Outcome.

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on October 28, 2009

To the many in America’s Gay community who voiced opposition to the Gay march, I want you to take note of all of the positive buzz that seems to be happening lately.  I attribute this national change of heart to the 100,000 to 200,000 of Gay and non-Gay American’s that stood up and said Enough!

Enough with the unequal treatment!  Enough with being First Class Taxpayers but treated as Second Class Citizens.  Enough with my government not protecting my constitutional rights.  And most importantly, the throngs of young people who rose up to say to the old, entrenched Gay power base, that their moldy notions of Gay incrementalism is a theory that’s time has passed.

We demanded reason and action on October 11th and we stood our ground before the US Capitol while many of our Gay leaders of yesterday proved they were  more interested in protecting their power base and influence than standing up for what was right.

Take note of the recent developments:

  1. Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania has changed his mind on Gay Marriage.
  2. John Baldacci, the Governor of Maine has announced his support for Gay Marriage in what has become a national battleground this election season.
  3. John McHugh, the Secretary of the Army says the military is ready to lift the Gay ban.
  4. President Obama is set to sign the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill tomorrow.
  5. NFL (National Football League in US) a bastion of Old School Machismo, Suspends Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs for his Anti-Gay Slur.

Of course in a perfect world as in our own Gay State, none of these issues would exist.  Countless hours of human productivity and effort would not be wasted on issues that suppress our rights as full and equal citizens.

But here we are talking about the United State after all; a land where homophobia and Gay oppression runs deep and the historic tide has been against Gays, Lesbians and Transgender people.

 So at least we should celebrate these advancements.  No, in the big picture, none of it is good enough when Gay youth commit suicide and are disowned from their families because of who they are and Gay bashings occur against the everyday, regular man on the street, simply because he was Gay and walking home from a convenience store.  But you can feel the tide turning and I attribute that to our committed marchers, who turned out en mass, even when told by the crusty, out of touch leadership that the rally was doomed to fail.

To the Equality marchers, I am proud of you for taking a stand.  To the organizers, you are heros and what you have done to advance the cause of our lives will not be forgotten.  To David Mixner, when the world’s first Gay State is established, there will surely be a monument dedicated to you.  To Cleve Jones, you are already in the history books, and your reputation only grows.  LT Dan Choi, Robin McGehee and Derek Washington; I think of the parallels between each of you and the countless unsung hero’s that deserved to be honored in America’s War for Independence.  You each are hero’s I met personally at the March on October 11th; and to countless others,  know that you helped change lives and give hope and I thank you all collectively.  I’m sure Harvey Milk is looking down and smiling.

We still have a long way to go, but don’t give up.  This is a new reason for hope and enjoy these apparent gains.  I think it’s time for a Cosmo; how about you?


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