The World's New Gay State

More Executions of Gays Planned.

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on November 9, 2009

Three more Iranians have been sentenced to death for Homosexuality offenses.

A death sentence is the price one pays for being discovered as a Homosexual in Iran.  According to Pink News, the largest Gay news bureau in Europe, the three men were all minors, at the ages of 16 and 17, at the time of the alleged crimes of engaging in consensual Gay sex with other young males  Iran reportedly leads the world in the numbers of its own children it put to death for various offenses.

Could you imagine Heterosexual children in Holland being executed for engaging in sexual relations as 16 and 17 year olds?  Or in England or Italy?   To our modern way of thinking it is beyond preposterous!  Yet this is the life Gay people must live in the dark corners of the world.  For most of the rest of the world, people cannot see these desperate lives or choose not to pay attention to them.

So while we in the west go on about our lives, remember the millions of people around the world who must fear for their safety and risk decades in prison if their true Gay nature is discovered.  Where is the public outrage?

Lawyers for the men believe the executions could take place any day, but no dates have yet been scheduled.  Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch are following the story.

The takeaway:  The Heterosexual oppressors would prefer we disappear and they are willing to exterminate us given the chance.  There is no living as a free people as long as they have their boots on our necks.


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