The World's New Gay State

The Violence Against Gays Must Not Continue

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on December 12, 2009

A Global Petition.

Help us stop the torture and international abuse of Gays everywhere and lend your voice in establishing a free and independent Gay State!

It is not freedom when you are only allowed as much leverage as your masters are comfortable in affording you. Just think of it…what other minorities have endured 3,000 years of murder, execution, imprisonment and beatings? And now in the 21st century, the global Gay community are second class citizens at best, rooted out for extermination at worst.


 Say YES to the Establishment of new Gay Nation-State and express your support to all international Political leaders and UN Members.

Preamble: We, Citizens of the World, representing every nation on Earth, Gay citizens and non-Gay citizens alike, recognize that, Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender People have endured thousands of years of persecution in the lands of their birth. We acknowledge that in 80 nations on Earth, expressing ones Homosexuality is a crime, punishable by death, extreme prison sentences, public lashings or hard labor. We also acknowledge that Gay people are discriminated against in virtually every nation on Earth; that in nearly all countries they are treated as second class citizens at best and as a people that should be exterminated at worst. We recognize that Gay people everywhere deserve liberty, equality, freedom and democracy. In as much that nations cannot or will not accommodate the rights of this oppressed minority, we support the establishment of a Gay Nation-State where they may pursue life, liberty, freedom and happiness, without oppression from an alternate majority, without infringing on the rights of the majorities in every other nation on Earth that has a majority Heterosexual population.

We recognize that Gay citizens everywhere are a people – one people, one tribe and they share a unique status as a minority population that no other minority group inherently owns and should therefore, be afforded the territorial rights of a recognized minority. We recoginze that it is our cultural traits and our innate being that targets us for oppression, abuse and execution.  It is not a choice, nor something that can or should be squashed.  And free people everywhere recognize that the Gay community is targeted for violence and extermination because of their unique and innate being that brings them together as one people.

We acknowledge that their oppression at the hands of the majority non-Gay Heterosexual governments is so massive and widespread as to exist in a full 95 percent of all nations on Earth. While advancements in their human rights have occurred, they have done so at a very slow pace, extending over many centuries. We also must admit that Gay people have been marginalized and their advances have often been repealed by governments unfriendly to their plight and political administrations in need of a political and cultural scapegoat, as government often are.

Furthermore we wish to acknowledge that Gay citizens are oppressed in ways beyond the oppression witnessed in most other minorities. The physical violence, psychological terrorism and financial hardships imposed on Gay people worldwide, goes so far as to prevent them from gathering in sizable numbers as other minorities have done, resulting in their oppression being largely invisible to the outside world.

Toward a resolution that would refrain from the continued oppression and violence afflicted on Gay citizens, but without sacrificing the rights, cultural and religious beliefs of the vast majority of nations on Earth, we submit that a territory be transferred to Gay people to create their own Gay Nation-State where they can flourish and prosper or struggle and despair, according to their own abilities and innate talents and quest for democracy.

 Therefore, as Citizens of the World, representing every nation on planet Earth, we endorse the establishment of a Gay Nation-State and support the actions to create a peaceful transfer of a territory where they can create their own culture and live to the best of their ability.

Please offer us your city and country of residence. Also your email is appreciated so that we may contact you with additional information on our development. We will strictly protect your identity and under no circumstances will we share your information with third parties. Thank you.

Please take a moment and click here to go directly to the petition above and support us in name.  Thank you!


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