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How Many Countries Will The U.S. Invade?

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on January 6, 2010

The dirty business of protecting a nation’s “national interest” reaches outlandish and obscene measures when the nation is the United States of America.  Like a psychologically unstable child the U.S. Government continues to move in wrongheaded directions as if bent on intentionally hurting itself.  Adamant about lashing out as if to display its might, America is seemingly unable to stop itself from inflicting the pain that only worsens the conditions for the once mighty USA.

With hundreds of thousands dead and wounded in Iraq, is anyone still waiting for the Iraqi citizens to send us off with hugs, kisses and fond farewells?

The American military, and it must be said they were following orders, have successfully destroyed most parts of Afghanistan that weren’t already living in the stone age.

Like bullies, the U.S. only picks on weaker and militarily inferior nations to kick around.  Government officials have been huffing and puffing about North Korea since the Clinton Administration, but we don’t dare show our might there.  No siree.  And Iran will likewise pose a far greater threat to the world, but we let them continue on the nuclear path afraid to take a stand.

But Yemen, look out!  And Somalia, we’re gonna getcha!  And Ethiopia, the U.S. should be able to whip them too without too much trouble.  Many other examples of the mighty “Shock and Awe” await the impoverished third world.   Won’t the entire planet be impressed as America systematically goes about creating another generation of men hell-bent on getting their revenge.

It would seem the arrogance and entitlement is so embedded in the many layers of the United States Government, there’s probably not a one of them currently in service that would agree with my thinking that they are going about it in entirely the wrong way.  Osama must be pissing his pants from laughter and knowing that America is doing his job for him, creating all the recruits he’ll ever need in his lifetime.

Meanwhile and notice that you will never hear any of the talking heads say it on MSNBC, CNN or Fox News, but the truth is, if you look at the curve, Osama has been winning and the trend continues in his favor.  The United States is playing directly into this hands, fighting a war the superpower cannot win.  Sadly, Iraq will eventually collapse, the American military had better stay in Afghanistan for the next decade and slowly bleed itself dry or get out now; and we know the arrogance prevents it from getting the hell out now.

Wars are fought with blood and treasure.  We will continue to send our men and women to die overseas; in essence, “feed the beast” the flesh of our men and women to keep it off of our doorstep.  And as for treasure, I suspect the United States will cement its fate and its eventual decline in the world.  The end would have come sooner or later barring external events but the multiple wars and endless amount of defense spending will only hasten the demise of a once respected and admired nation.  How ironic that we have wasted untold resources building up other nations, so that wealthy multinational corporations would have markets to sell to.  And now, these same nations thumb their noses (to put it politely) at the U.S.

When it is all said and done, America will look up, exhausted from constant war and bloodshed and attacks on the homeland with weary eyes and a demoralized populace.  And what they’ll see is a world that has simply marched on without them.  I meet so many internationalists who consider the U.S. to be irrelevant and this will only grow. 

It is sad.  And as I’ve said before in other posts, when America is officially toppled off of its pedestal as it is inevitable, the world will one day mourn our passing.  Americans will look dazed and wonder how it happened.  If only they could see what they are doing to themselves.

I wouldn’t want to be one of the nations the United States sets its sites on.  There isn’t another country on Earth better skilled in killing on a massive scale.  Millions of Gay Americans are treated as second class citizens from their own country, not even being allowed to marry.  We are treated as “less than” by our Heterosexual masters.  And the U.S. Government can destroy anyone who dares to speak against it, which is why there are so few criticisms.  It all could have been so different.  As a wealthy and powerful nation, the United States had a rare option to follow a different course.  It failed to seek a new way and in doing so, sealed its own fate.


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