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Conditions In Iraq Continue To Worsen For LGBT

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on January 13, 2010

Since the American invasion, Muslim clerics continue to strengthen their stranglehold on Iraq.  Long gone are the days of secular law, when government was not controlled by faith based organizations.  And in this respect, American occupation has allowed the LGBT community to be exposed to great danger.  Killings, executions and beatings are our people go unchecked.  To the larger world, they remain invisible. Their plight all but ignored.

To be sure there are many dark and gloomy pockets in this world where Gays are routinely oppressed and subjected to a savage brutality.  But it tends to be only the individual cases that get any attention.  As reported here several posts ago, the Gay couple from Malawi held in prison without bail, taken into custody at their engagement party for their Homosexual conduct.  Meanwhile, thousands of us, every day of the year, face beatings, execution, psychological torture, and imprisonment, for no more than who we are and who we love.

So, you might wonder, where is the U.S. Government, rushing to their aid?  Where are the American soldiers that allowed this wave of torture to come to power?  As is often the case, our people are left with little protection and defense and find themselves on their own, fighting to stay alive in the hostile lands of their birth.

We can not give up hope.  These people must not be forgotten.  We have organizations working to make their plight known to the outside world.

I urge you to contact the U.S. State Department and express your dismay with the U.S. policy and their unacceptable lack of support for the LGBT community in a hostile Iraq; conditions that were created by U.S. actions.

You can go directly to the U.S. State Department’s Question page by clicking here  on the following link:



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