The World's New Gay State

What Will It Take For Americans To Rise Up And Take To The Streets?

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on January 21, 2010

So let’s review: It has been one year out of our lives. Hundreds of billions of dollars spent to prop up this ridiculous government. The pathetic Right, hypocrites all, but oh so competent in their greed. And the Left is worse, wasting their governing, throwing it away while probably having their own pockets lined. The Keystone Kops would be abler at running things… 

If Obama had any balls (and he could borrow them from Hillary!) …

he’d lower their salaries (Senate and House, both) to a $1.00 a year for the next year to make up for their squandering of America’s resources and the damage they’ve brought to our country.  Anyone who doesn’t like it can resign and good riddance!  If they are in Washington as my public servant, don’t be in it for the money.  Or better yet, pay on performance.

Make no mistake, barring the rare, lone wolf in the government who puts Americans first, this government has abandoned the people  to support Wall Street, big business and bankers.  Do we all know where we stand in this?


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