The World's New Gay State

Hundreds of Gay Models and Our Allies Turn Out to Participate.

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on February 3, 2010

There are days when the phone calls and emails criticizing our cause and vilifying our intentions outweigh the positive ones.  This has not happened for several weeks.  Our request went out far and wide for models to participate in our upcoming photo shoot.  The theme is an Iwo Jima-inspired photo of Gay citizens representing every spectrum of the Gay Rainbow working as one, in harmony to raise a flag above our heads as a people – one people, in our struggle for independence.  The trickle of applicants soon overwhelmed the few staffers in our offices assigned to the project.  Hundreds of emails and attachments flooded our in boxes.  The telephones rang incessantly for days.  And everyone understandably wants in earnest to participate in what could become a global sensation.  Even professional models agreed to work gratis in order to be included.

Jack Flannigan, our Press Secretary, envisioned this as being a small, little project where we might get a few nice shots for the cover of the upcoming edition of The Gay State.  “Very few funds were allocated and now this has exploded into something larger than anyone could have predicted.  It speaks to how much pent-up desire there is out there to see our efforts succeed,”  according to Flannigan. 

The publisher and editorial staff continue to narrow down selections.  “We have always wanted real gay people, to be in this shoot.  A representation of who we are as a people,” Flannigan added.  While the shoot has encountered delays, administrators anticipate a wrap up by February 13th.

As soon as the first place photo is selected, you’ll see it here first.  Mr. Graham and all of us, wish to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for everyone interest and willingness to put so much effort into this work.  We are humbled by everyone’s commitment to see this project through.

– Jack.


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