The World's New Gay State

Key West: A Gay Provisonal Capital

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on March 30, 2010

The non-Gay Heterosexuals have been following us for years.  We gentrify a neighborhood, make it a desirable place to live, sprinkle some of our Gay panache all over it and wouldn’t you know?  Before long, the Straights want a piece of the action.  This happens in more communities than I can mention here.  As to the Straight invasion of Key West and why I continue to frequent this Homo-haven; I simply am not inclined to relinquish a historic community of our people to the hordes of non-Gays.

The territory of the Gay Conch Republic has shrunk in the last fifteen or twenty years, but we will not cede this way of life to the invading non-Gay hordes.  In the peak of the AIDS epidemic, thousands of Gay Americans fled to Key West to live out their final years as freely as they could; many of my friends were among them.  I sense their spirits when I’m in Key West and it offers a peacefulness yet bolsters my determination that Gay citizens of the world deserve a Gay homeland.  It fosters ones vision for Gay independence.

For many of us, the prospects of an independent Gay State is enough to inspire passion and cause us to steel our spines for the challenges that  lay ahead.

Key West is diverse enough to allow for some anonymity and plenty of individualism.  For me, the pleasure of Key West comes from the scenery, the unique Victorian architecture and the sleepy, unkept aesthetic of life there.  I’d say it’s quite Bohemian and very unlike the organized beauty of Palm Beach.  Days can be filled with lounging poolside at any of the Gay clothing optional resorts.  Frolicking in the ocean at the Elizabeth Taylor nude Gay beach and meeting friends for lunch at some of the wonderful waterfront restaurants offer endless possibilities.

There are more than enough quality restaurants to fill anyones vacation calendar.  But my favorite tradition in Kew West is to throw a cocktail party poolside at just about sunset.  As the evening wears on, illumination is provided by countless candles and a couple fires in the fire pits.  The drinks keep flowing while light hors d’ oeuvres are passed.

Dinner, for me can not be improved upon, when Grade A porterhouse steaks are seared on an open grill and served with a variety of accompaniments.  I know, serving a hunk of meat on an island, surrounded by some of the freshest seafood in the world may be peculiar, but it’s a favorite Kew West tradition of mine.  With plenty of wine and cocktails, soft music playing, stripped down for a late night swim before moving to a more intimate quarters is an evening that leaves me completely sated.

Whatever or wherever you find your happiness and your moments of Zen, go there or do it and often!  Life is short and for me, Palm Beach, South Beach and Key West offer a heavenly zone of contentment in the American Gay experience.


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