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Burning of Rainbow Flag Symbolizes Hatred; Motivates Growing Passion for Gay Independence.

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on April 17, 2010

The burning of the Gay Rainbow flag in New York City in front of the LGBT Center was meant to stir fear among our people and to declare to all that Gay citizens will no longer be tolerated.  The very act leads to a weakening of our liberty in a city long known to embrace diversity.  While the attack occurred under the dark of night on April 14th, the effects can be far-reaching. 

The community is coming together on April 21st to demonstrate we will not cower and we will not ignore the expressions of hatred.  I urge you all to gather at 5:00 pm in front of the LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th St, Manhattan.

On the whole, most of you know I do not endorse marching.  The exception is when the purpose is important enough and the march itself will result in a powerful act.  Our oppressors like nothing more than keeping us busy marching back and forth like a bunch of chumps!  In this case, our coming together shows that we will not cower, we will not go silently slinking off into the night.  We know that by dividing our community only serves to weaken us.  Our Gay oppressors have separated us for far too long and it has proven to keep us down.  No more!  This time we stand together.

You know that I have wrestled with the documenting of the atrocities of our people.  We know (the truth is many Gay people don’t know of the atrocities and many prefer to bury their heads in the sand as if their ignorance will protect them.) that every day there are thousands of attacks around the world against our people.  Whether it’s a teenager being bullied and psychologically scarred or other Gays being intimidated, chipping away at our spirit and battering our soul.  Then there is of course the realm of physical violence; the Gay bashings and beatings around the world, Gay murders from civilian thugs and attackers.  As a write this, some lone and isolated lesbian women could very well be violently raped and attacked in her African village, as if it will “cure” her straight.  We know this is all happening.  We know there are governments around the world are that are hunting down our Gay brothers and sisters to kill and maim and imprison them for having been “found out.”

We know this is happening.  And there are those Gays who are the “apologists;”  the ones who want to believe it isn’t so; the ones who want to believe each atrocity against us is an “isolated incident.”  Most non-Gays barely care a wit about the extermination.  The attacks are not worth the ink in the daily paper.  Television media  focuses on the one attack here, the one beheading there, the Gay beating over there and again, it’s presented as if it not one of hundreds of such attacks every day but again, as the rare incident that deserves to be covered.  This kind of coverage does not do justice to our people and makes the media no friend of ours.

We could spend our days documenting all of the attacks on our people but to what aim?  The non-Gay world doesn’t listen and most do not care.  Even many of our Gay brothers and sisters are in denial or fall prey to the “over there” mentality as if that somehow pardons them from outrage or concern.

We know the atrocities occur and they have always occurred.  The better use of our time is not to document the obvious, but instead devote our time to create a solution that would free many of us to live in peace and freedom.  And that of course, is to establish for ourselves our own territory where we will secure our democracy, our equality, and our safety.  We cannot save the world from itself, so lets begin by saving our people.  It is a life affirming and worth-while endeavour.

Now that our enemies have taken to burning our flag, our symbol that we rally around, it is time to bring all of our Gay brothers and sisters together to take notice.  If you are in New York on April 21st, at 5:00 pm, and you are in the Village or Chelsea, do what you need to do, but be at the Center.


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