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The Point Foundation Honors Dinner A Star-Studded Success

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010.

(New York) – The Point Foundation, America’s largest LGBT Scholarship organization held its annual dinner and ceremony in New York City last night and when it was all said and done, the event raised over $600,000 USD.  The contributions came from table and tickets sales, monies raised through a silent auction and through corporate contributions.

This night offers a fresh hope for America’s Gay community.  Ensconced in The Pierre Hotel, a bastion of Manhattan elitism, bathed in the lavender glow of opulence and splendor, the night was so special and really not to be missed.  It was one of those rare coming togethers that I wish every reader of this could have experienced.  For the 500+ pampered attendees, life is good.  Looking around I swear I tumbled into a Gentleman’s Quarterly photo shoot.  With money comes the time and ability to pamper oneself and everyone looked amazing.  Fit and stylish.  Tanned and happy.  Everyone was schmoozing.  Ah, yes, the progress we’ve made as a community.  Yes, this was a moneyed crowd from the Gay world and they were raising money to send a new generation of Gay leaders off to the best education money can provide.  In the end, we can give the resources to our young and this is a tool for building a future for more and better equality.  There are many fronts on the war against the oppression Gay Americans have endured and this is one of the better strategies for being able to make a difference, without getting ones hands dirty.

“30 Rock” star and Tony Award Winner  (“Nine”) Jane Krakowski was there as beautiful as ever, to accept the Point Courage Award.  Citi (as in Citibank) was represented for the Point Inspiration Award.  But the night’s highlight belonged to our good friend and a true leader in our community, David Mixner, who took to the stage to receive the Point Legend Award for his lifetime of accomplishments and contributions to our community.  Before the author/political strategist/civil rights activist received the Award, there was first a pre-recorded video message from Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain and his wife Sarah Brown, two Brits who have been openly in the forefront of supporting the LGBT community and supporting their right to full equality.

Victoria Reggie Kennedy was in attendance to present the Point Legend Award to an individual who has, through the course of their lifetime, achieved greatness in their professional career and unapologetically supported the LGBT community.  Referring to her late husband Senator Ted Kennedy’s relationship with David Mixner, Mrs. Kennedy said, “My husband was honored to be in the fight with him.  And Teddy never doubted that in the end, the cause will be won– not partial equality, but full equality; not second-class equality, but the right to live free, and to marry and raise a family.  My husband said: ‘Equality is a continuing struggle and America is a continuing revolution.'”

The evening was hosted by Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa.  Presenters included Mark Consuelos, Alan Cumming, Judith Light, Susan Sarandon and Harry Smith.  Saxophonist Dave Koz and pianist Billy Stitched performed.  Also Tony nominee and “30 Rock”co-star Cheyenne Jackson and Broadway star Orfeh each performed beautiful and poignant numbers.

To learn more about the Point Foundation, go to their website  And let me remind you, all gentle readers, when you donate to a worthy cause, keep The Point Foundation on your short list of worthy causes.  It is a tax-deductible organization and remember that keeping our hard earned money within our community is the best way to help end the struggles for future generations.


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