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Andrew Sullivan Should Be Ambassador To Bearville.

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on April 26, 2010

Andrew Sullivan has long been a great thinker and leader in the Right-wing fringe of our larger LGBT community.  And he has alway been a hunk and a heart-throb for his manly man masculinity.

And then hearts sank and a collective exhale of disappoint rang out when Sullivan married his beloved.  Yes, we are all happy for them as a major sex symbol enters into holy matrimony.  blah, blah, blah.

I have long encouraged readers of these pages to frequently check out The Daily Dish.  I enjoy it enough, but it’s frustrating in trying to find entries from Andrew and not his growing cadre of writers.  True followers want Andrew, not a close facsimile.

And then yesterday there he was, Andrew Sullivan appearing on the Chris Matthews Show.  Can you say “Visual bliss?”  Andrew Sullivan has grown a beard that could “out-bear” and “out-man” any of us mere mortals.  He looks like a warrior God.   I could see statues in The Gay State built in his image.   Although conflicted by his conservative bent, I could see Sullivan coming on as the Press Secretary for The Gay State.  Now he looks like a warrior that could lead a nation.

Most of all, for our global Gay brothers and sisters everywhere, we hope the beard may be a symbol that Sullivan will continue to slide away from his wrong-headed conservative political thinking that internalized some element of self-loathing homophobia to becoming a gloriously liberal member of the world’s Gay and OUT community.


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