The World's New Gay State

Foreign Policy. Failed States. Reality Check: How Bad Are They?

Posted in FIGS Party, Gay independence, LGBT Politics by thegaystateblog on June 23, 2010

I admit to the charge of being a bleeding heart.  But when you read this article, ask yourself: are you content to throw up your hands and say this is simply the way of the world or do you, based on your experiences and understanding of economics, believe there is a better way?

When you read some of the country comparisons, you will be disgusted to see how the poorest of the poor stack up against the United States.  Now the United States has slipped terribly in the last twenty years, but compared to so many others, obviously, it could be a whole lot worse.  For our Gay brothers and sisters in wealthier nations with standards of living higher than the United States; countries like Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada and Denmark; the degree between the haves and the have-nots is only all the more striking.

Click on this site to read just how dire the circumstances are:,0

Lastly, I want to encourage you to read the Watch List: Four Countries in Big Trouble.  The four countries include Guatemala, Honduras, Nigeria and Iran.  Nigeria and Iran are seemingly drowning in oil but we know  the boom and bust cycle of nations that live and die by commodities and natural resources.  Guatemala was my home for several years, the country was in desperate need for a make-over and I was there to build orphanages.  Rival drug gangs battled the government for supremacy and again, humankind lived up to its ability to disappoint.  And Honduras — what can be said of the nation that has become the most violent land in the Western Hemisphere for our LGBT family?

Take the time to read this:,0

I’m heading out to wander the streets of Foggy Bottom and grab a nightcap.  I hope to meet some of you at the ALA show.  I’ll provide more details on schedule particulars tomorrow.  Goodnight.


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