The World's New Gay State


I have been told that there will be a 70,000 book run on the next publishing.  Thirty thousand of those are slated for domestic distribution; sorry, meaning within the US.  Twenty thousand are going international.  The final twenty thousand are in reserve for special assignment I’ve been told.  Whatever that means, book signings, conventions, private parties, etc, etc.

We need to hire several translators.  Ideally you are based in New York City, although this is not an absolute requirement.  Our needs include translating the upcoming English version into the following language translations:

Spanish.  German.  French.  Portuguese.  Cantonese.  Hindi.  Japanese.

The pay rate is decent, given the average writers tenuous income.  We have flexibility and a lead time that will be agreeable to most candidates.  Of course, all will hail your prowess when we sing your praises in an Acknowledgment page.

If you are interested or care to participate on some level, email Garrett Graham at  Include a brief bio, mention any other literary translations you have done and why you think this might be a good fit for everyone.


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