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Gay Nationalists Vow To Teach Muslims Importance of Tolerance



August 13, 2010

Contact:  Jack Flannigan                                                                                           

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The FIGS Party                                                                                     

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New York, NY  10113


Gay Nationalists Vow To Teach Muslims Importance of Tolerance

(New York, NY)          The international Gay community has been coalescing in recent years to establish the world’s first politically autonomous Gay-majority nation—state.  Under the banner of the FIGS (Free, Independent Gay State) Party with their President Garrett Graham at the helm, the organization is opening new offices in New York.

          Weighing in on the 911 Ground Zero revitalization efforts, the organization expressed a desire to support the neighborhood rebirth, in lieu of being geographically closer to its activities with other international bodies associated with the United Nations.  To further the organization’s outreach objectives, the international body representing the global Gay community is seeking a location in close proximity to the World Trade Center site as well as the proposed Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center.

          “Officials with the FIGS Party stated the international Gay community is declaring they stand shoulder to shoulder with all democratic, freedom—loving citizens of the world who  bow their heads to all of those who perished in the 911 attack on liberty,” according to Jack Flannigan, Press Secretary.

          The FIGS—New York headquarters will eventually become the New York Consular offices for the international governmental body.  According to FIGS President Garrett Graham, “We see this as an opportunity to increase dialogue and understanding within the Muslim community.  If Islam is to be a “great religion,” as it likes to call itself, they must stop their savage violence and discrimination against our people.  The global Gay community has endured hatred, executions, crimes against humanity and brutal oppression at the hands of the Muslim’s for thousands of years.”

          America offers the world a freedom of religion that is a shining example of tolerance.  It should inspire all of us to forgive the Muslims for their heinous atrocities against us, for their actions are rooted in ignorance and they know not what they do.  Nor should we judge them, as in time, from a higher power, they will receive their own fiery brand of justice for the unending persecution they have foisted upon our people.  Hate, especially when cloaked in religion from the posturing pious, must be eradicated.” Graham said.

          According to Jack Flannigan, the FIGS Party Manhattan offices will become a beacon for the global Gay culture and will showcase the finest it offers up to the world.  We can foresee our stylishly attired “hostesses” at the doorway, greeting all of our neighbor’s morning, noon and night.  What we can do to expose the religious, indeed all people, to the best our society has to offer, will surely pave the way to improved global relations, Flannigan stated.  They are proposing the international Gay cultural center be named after Mark Bingham, one of the 911 hero’s who prevented United flight 93 from possibly crashing into the US Capitol or the White House and instead brought the plane down in a rural Pennsylvania field.

          The FIGS Party continues to negotiate for suitable leasing terms.

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For additional information, contact

Jack Flannigan, 347-949-3747


The Godfather of the Gay World And Building Bridges.

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Elton John, international super-star and Gay icon, long recognized as a “Secular Saint,” and a modern day man-of-the-people has spoken.  And he expressed a sentiment that would do us all well to follow.  

A firestorm of controversy flared up when word got out that Elton John agreed to perform  at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding ceremony to bride number four.  Rush Limbaugh?  Really?

To many, a performance for Limbaugh was seen as giving a performance for the “enemy.”  Many have asked that even if John was receiving the reported one million dollar (US) fee for the performance, it couldn’t be that he did it for the money.  Did he?  Could he?  Would he?  Ok, even John deserves to make a living.  Beyond the burdens of being the leader of a global people, the man has to pay his bills, right?

Elton has been a lightning rod throughout his public life, accompanied by tumult and controversy.  The world still loves Elton – even those who couldn’t see past the paid gig.  But forgiveness is a part of our Gay DNA and one of our 13 cherished “Gaymandments.”  But how exactly did this performance advance the global Gay condition, some are wondering?  That’s not the right question, even of the Godfather of our Gay world.   Limbaugh had a global super-star perform at his wedding.  Our detractors will always say that our man “sold us out” for the sake of a paycheck.  Where’s the upside to how we can rationalize this?  To begin with, Elton has done incredible good to support all of our people.  No one can question his generosity.  I say he should take the money,  put it to good use, however he sees fit.  And frankly if Elton didn’t perform, there would be someone else.

Elton John has reportedly said that he now has a new philosophy.  “Life is about building bridges.  Not about building walls.”  I find it to be life affirming and a beautiful way to go through life.  I have used it for years and it’s reqarding to hear Elton utter those words.  One would figure that a less caring and feeling man might not open his heart to seeing life in this way, so good for him.  I wish more of us would view life through this lens. 

Let me repeat it again because I like the sounds of it so much: “Life is about building bridges.  Not about building walls.”  Just think about it…how can each of us go about our day saying that we have worked to build bridges and not walls?

For me, I see great value in reaching out and building bridges to those who have been less than benevolent to us through history.  But we will build the bridges from our new Gay homeland, from our own position of strength, where our freedom has been secured.  The world will see us differently when we are from a position of strength.  As long as we as a people are viewed as servants, dependents and “lesser-thans” we will not be building bridges from strength but from dependency.

So readers should begin by not questioning or second guessing Elton’s decision to take a paid gig at Limbaugh’s wedding.  He will continue to use his resources to support our Gay community as he chooses.  We hope he will continue to support The Gay State and the FIGS Party as we move forward in building our bridges from a position of strength in a new Gay homeland.

12 Degrees of Failure. How does a weak state become a failed state?

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When I look around the world, I see that 100 percent of existing nations are non-Gay nations and non-Gay governments.  We are discriminated in nearly 100 percent of them but to varying degrees.  A handful of governments have made great strides to support their Gay citizens.  But a full 94% of all people around the world live in states that have made a colossal mess of things; sometimes just for the LGBT citizens, but often for the peril of all citizens.

I often mention in speeches and talks, some of the countries that currently exist that have an abysmal record.  Don’t tell me we as The Gay State  cannot do better than Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Nigeria or Haiti.  We as a people can harness enormous potential from our people all over the world.

Click on this link to read an article that I just came across on my way down to DC for the ALA Conference.   It is found on June 22, 2010 inside Foreign Policy.  If like me, you are a nerd for statistics and rankings, this article will be of interest to you.

Gayle King To Interview Barbra Streisand, Legendary Actress, Singer, And Director For “Opening Night” Keynote At Bookexpo America On May 25, 2010, 6:00 – 7:00 P.M.

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5/19/2010 |

Norwalk, CT, May 19, 2010:  Gayle King, Editor-at-Large of O, The Oprah Magazine, will interview Barbra Streisand at BookExpo America (BEA), North America’s largest annual gathering of book industry professionals. Ms. Streisand’s appearance for the Opening Night Keynote Reception will be held on May 25, 2010 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.   Ms. King will talk with the famous actress, singer and director about her upcoming first book, My Passion for Design, to be published by Viking on November 16, 2010. 

Ms. King is a noted journalist and celebrity who, in addition to her role at O, The Oprah Magazine, is also a special correspondent for both The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America, as well as the host for The Gayle King Show, a national radio show on Oprah & Friends XM Satellite Network.

“This year’s Opening Night Keynote will be a standout event in BEA history,” notes Steven Rosato, Event Director for BookExpo America. “We are enormously fortunate to have Barbra Streisand and Gayle King on stage for a one-on-one conversation. This rare and very special occasion will be an unforgettable experience for everyone in the audience.”
An Emmy award-winning broadcaster, Gayle King began her media career in Baltimore, followed by Kansas City and Hartford. Now, as Editor-at-Large at O, The Oprah Magazine, she has helped guide its editorial and creative vision since its inception in 1999.

The Opening Night Keynote with Barbra Streisand is an “all convention” event and is open to all BEA badge members BUT a free ticket to the event must be picked up at a designated kiosk area upon arrival at BEA in order to gain admittance.  No one will be admitted without a ticket.  Special instructions about ticketing and queuing are available at the BEA web site.

BookExpo America will take place Tuesday, May 25 – Thursday, May 27 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.  It is an exclusive convention for book industry members only.  BEA officials are expecting thousands of professionals to be on hand for the Opening Night Keynote Reception.

For more information about BEA, please visit and connect with BEA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

BookExpo America (BEA) is North America’s largest gathering of book trade professionals attracting an international audience. It is organized with the support of association partners including the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the American Booksellers Association (ABA).  BEA is recognized for the media attention it brings to upcoming books as well as for the notable authors it attracts to the convention itself.   

“The Gay State” Book Launches Successfully from Gay Art Foundation

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Last night was the emotionally charged American book launch reception for “The Gay State” at the renowned Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation in New York City.  The standing room only event drew members of the F.I.G.S. party as well as members of the general public interested in the concept of forming the world’s first Gay-majority Nation-State.

The Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation opened its magnificent collection of Gay art to all of the patrons, free of charge.  A lavish assortment of food and beverage was provided by Daniel Vater Catering of New York and Fire Island.  DVC provided their polished and professional staff and a bountiful variety of fine wines and beverages and delicious hors d’ oeuvres served up by white glove service.

Author Garrett Graham took to the podium shortly after 7:00pm.  He said in an interview afterwards, that he intended to give a light-hearted talk focusing on the advancements the Gay community has seen around the world.  Instead the talk turned impassioned and poignant when Graham mentioned the case surrounding the two Malawi men sentenced to fourteen years of hard labor in prison for daring to proclaim their love and commitment for one another.  Up until the last moment before giving his talk Graham, as the Executive Director of the Free, Independent Gay State Party (F.I.G.S. Party) and his organization had worked quietly behind the scenes for the two men to be released, but it proved to be unsuccessful at the time of the event.

Support for the global Gay community has grown around the world recently.  The Broadway theatre community in New York turned out for the book launch in showing their support for the F.I.G.S. party.  Sir Elton John wrote a letter that was emailed to everyone who purchased Graham’s “Gay Manifesto” and offered special tickets to his Broadway production Next Fall.  In addition to that, free tickets were given away to several of Broadway’s “smash hits” including Sondheim on Sondheim, Everyday Rapture and of course, Next Fall.  In addition to the theatrical support, the Hollywood community supported the cause  as attendees received tickets to the premiere to see the highly acclaimed movie An Affirmative Act, which will be the highlight of the Hoboken International Film Festival.

Following Graham’s talk he was available to sign copies of the book.  The book “The Gay State: The Quest for an Independent Gay Nation-State and what It Means to Conservatives and the World’s Religions” will have a wide release in US bookstores in June.  Books can be purchased directly through the website, TheGayState.EU and receive a discount.  Members of the F.I.G.S. Party are eligible to larger discounts and membership forms are available on TheGayState.EU website.

As the scheduled event drew to a close, all guests were invited to continue the discussions and conversations over special dinners held at two SoHo restaurants, The Antique Garage on Mercer St. and The Barolo Restaurant on West. Broadway.  Security for the event described the crowd as welcoming and curious and the threats of violence proved to be idle chatter.

The Point Foundation Honors Dinner A Star-Studded Success

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April 20, 2010.

(New York) – The Point Foundation, America’s largest LGBT Scholarship organization held its annual dinner and ceremony in New York City last night and when it was all said and done, the event raised over $600,000 USD.  The contributions came from table and tickets sales, monies raised through a silent auction and through corporate contributions.

This night offers a fresh hope for America’s Gay community.  Ensconced in The Pierre Hotel, a bastion of Manhattan elitism, bathed in the lavender glow of opulence and splendor, the night was so special and really not to be missed.  It was one of those rare coming togethers that I wish every reader of this could have experienced.  For the 500+ pampered attendees, life is good.  Looking around I swear I tumbled into a Gentleman’s Quarterly photo shoot.  With money comes the time and ability to pamper oneself and everyone looked amazing.  Fit and stylish.  Tanned and happy.  Everyone was schmoozing.  Ah, yes, the progress we’ve made as a community.  Yes, this was a moneyed crowd from the Gay world and they were raising money to send a new generation of Gay leaders off to the best education money can provide.  In the end, we can give the resources to our young and this is a tool for building a future for more and better equality.  There are many fronts on the war against the oppression Gay Americans have endured and this is one of the better strategies for being able to make a difference, without getting ones hands dirty.

“30 Rock” star and Tony Award Winner  (“Nine”) Jane Krakowski was there as beautiful as ever, to accept the Point Courage Award.  Citi (as in Citibank) was represented for the Point Inspiration Award.  But the night’s highlight belonged to our good friend and a true leader in our community, David Mixner, who took to the stage to receive the Point Legend Award for his lifetime of accomplishments and contributions to our community.  Before the author/political strategist/civil rights activist received the Award, there was first a pre-recorded video message from Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain and his wife Sarah Brown, two Brits who have been openly in the forefront of supporting the LGBT community and supporting their right to full equality.

Victoria Reggie Kennedy was in attendance to present the Point Legend Award to an individual who has, through the course of their lifetime, achieved greatness in their professional career and unapologetically supported the LGBT community.  Referring to her late husband Senator Ted Kennedy’s relationship with David Mixner, Mrs. Kennedy said, “My husband was honored to be in the fight with him.  And Teddy never doubted that in the end, the cause will be won– not partial equality, but full equality; not second-class equality, but the right to live free, and to marry and raise a family.  My husband said: ‘Equality is a continuing struggle and America is a continuing revolution.'”

The evening was hosted by Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa.  Presenters included Mark Consuelos, Alan Cumming, Judith Light, Susan Sarandon and Harry Smith.  Saxophonist Dave Koz and pianist Billy Stitched performed.  Also Tony nominee and “30 Rock”co-star Cheyenne Jackson and Broadway star Orfeh each performed beautiful and poignant numbers.

To learn more about the Point Foundation, go to their website  And let me remind you, all gentle readers, when you donate to a worthy cause, keep The Point Foundation on your short list of worthy causes.  It is a tax-deductible organization and remember that keeping our hard earned money within our community is the best way to help end the struggles for future generations.

Burning of Rainbow Flag Symbolizes Hatred; Motivates Growing Passion for Gay Independence.

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The burning of the Gay Rainbow flag in New York City in front of the LGBT Center was meant to stir fear among our people and to declare to all that Gay citizens will no longer be tolerated.  The very act leads to a weakening of our liberty in a city long known to embrace diversity.  While the attack occurred under the dark of night on April 14th, the effects can be far-reaching. 

The community is coming together on April 21st to demonstrate we will not cower and we will not ignore the expressions of hatred.  I urge you all to gather at 5:00 pm in front of the LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th St, Manhattan.

On the whole, most of you know I do not endorse marching.  The exception is when the purpose is important enough and the march itself will result in a powerful act.  Our oppressors like nothing more than keeping us busy marching back and forth like a bunch of chumps!  In this case, our coming together shows that we will not cower, we will not go silently slinking off into the night.  We know that by dividing our community only serves to weaken us.  Our Gay oppressors have separated us for far too long and it has proven to keep us down.  No more!  This time we stand together.

You know that I have wrestled with the documenting of the atrocities of our people.  We know (the truth is many Gay people don’t know of the atrocities and many prefer to bury their heads in the sand as if their ignorance will protect them.) that every day there are thousands of attacks around the world against our people.  Whether it’s a teenager being bullied and psychologically scarred or other Gays being intimidated, chipping away at our spirit and battering our soul.  Then there is of course the realm of physical violence; the Gay bashings and beatings around the world, Gay murders from civilian thugs and attackers.  As a write this, some lone and isolated lesbian women could very well be violently raped and attacked in her African village, as if it will “cure” her straight.  We know this is all happening.  We know there are governments around the world are that are hunting down our Gay brothers and sisters to kill and maim and imprison them for having been “found out.”

We know this is happening.  And there are those Gays who are the “apologists;”  the ones who want to believe it isn’t so; the ones who want to believe each atrocity against us is an “isolated incident.”  Most non-Gays barely care a wit about the extermination.  The attacks are not worth the ink in the daily paper.  Television media  focuses on the one attack here, the one beheading there, the Gay beating over there and again, it’s presented as if it not one of hundreds of such attacks every day but again, as the rare incident that deserves to be covered.  This kind of coverage does not do justice to our people and makes the media no friend of ours.

We could spend our days documenting all of the attacks on our people but to what aim?  The non-Gay world doesn’t listen and most do not care.  Even many of our Gay brothers and sisters are in denial or fall prey to the “over there” mentality as if that somehow pardons them from outrage or concern.

We know the atrocities occur and they have always occurred.  The better use of our time is not to document the obvious, but instead devote our time to create a solution that would free many of us to live in peace and freedom.  And that of course, is to establish for ourselves our own territory where we will secure our democracy, our equality, and our safety.  We cannot save the world from itself, so lets begin by saving our people.  It is a life affirming and worth-while endeavour.

Now that our enemies have taken to burning our flag, our symbol that we rally around, it is time to bring all of our Gay brothers and sisters together to take notice.  If you are in New York on April 21st, at 5:00 pm, and you are in the Village or Chelsea, do what you need to do, but be at the Center.

Graham Elected President of FIGS

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Launching Int’l. Gay News Network Part of Platform

Summary:  The reality is every day, thousands of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender people are murdered, beaten, executed, imprisoned and psychologically abused because of who they are and who they love and after 3,000 years of brutal oppression, the global Gay community is saying “Enough!”  They want peace, freedom and liberty and they want it NOW!  This growing movement for Gay independence and Gay nationalism is rallying around their newly elected President, Garrett Graham, proclaiming a call to arms in his “Gay Manifesto.”

(New York, NY) – FIGS – the Free, Independent Gay State, an international organization representing the global Gay community, has elected Garrett Graham as President to a three year term.  Members of the governing body reside on six of the seven continents.  In the twenty seven voting blocks, Graham garnered 73 percent  of the vote.  The remaining 27 percent of the votes were cast for two other candidates, Jack Smith of Sydney, Australia and Gabriel Silva of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Membership in the FIGS party is rapidly expanding around the world.  Members are known to one another as “Figgies” and advocate for a politically autonomous Gay Nation-State and stress their demands for Gay independence.  “At no time in modern history, have conditions been more favorable, nor do I suspect conditions will improve if we wait any longer.  This is a unique moment in time and Gay people everywhere are demanding equality, freedom and liberty and they want it now,” Graham said from his New York office.  Interest and membership in FIGS has been growing rapidly.  “Of course our people exist in every nation on Earth and unfortunately, the LGBT community is oppressed and persecuted in 95 percent of all nations.  Conditions are shameful in America, but the situation is even worse in most other countries,” he added.

Graham has devoted more than twenty five years of his life as a Gay activist, promoting international Gay equality.  As a human rights mediator and university lecturer, Graham has travelled extensively.  As an author, his book The Gay State:  The Quest for an Independent Gay Nation-State and what It Means to Conservatives and the World’s Religions is due to be released in late Spring.  The book is a 21st Century “Gay Manifesto” that is inspired by the work of Theodor Herzl and Thomas Paine, two intellectuals and visionaries who motivated a people to escape tyranny, claim their independence and issue a call to arms, if necessary.  According to Graham, “if not for Muslim fundamentalists, self-righteous Christian practitioners and the political conservatives, we would not find ourselves in such difficult straits.  No one can deny the brutal treatment we’ve received from them since time immemorial. It is clear by their actions and words that they will not allow us to live in peace.  Even our religious and conservative allies and supporters know we must separate in order to secure our freedom.”

Recently Graham petitioned for the release of a Gay couple in Malawi, being imprisoned for being in a committed Gay relationship.  The case continues to seek a resolution.  He also successfully negotiated with Gambian authorities to suspend their decree to initiate beheadings of all Homosexuals arrested in an undercover sweep by secret police squads.  “No one can deny that we as a people have been savagely oppressed for more than 3,000 years and it shows no sign of ending.  Even today, our very existence is outlawed in more than 80 nations around the world. All that we seek is to have our own small , politically sovereign territory and to be left in peace.  We want nothing more and will take care of the rest.  We will prosper and succeed or despair and fail, according to our own merit, drive and talent.”  A FIGS official stressed that their commitment to equality is a fundamental principle of the FIGS and they will welcome all Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender people to their new Gay homeland.  “We will also welcome all of our non-Gay Heterosexual Allies who care to join us in one of Mankind’s  greatest experiments, the first majority-Gay nation in recorded human history,” according to Jack Flannigan, acting Press Secretary.                                                                                                          

Graham’s platform in this week’s election included plans to consolidate the organizations resources and broaden their global communications.  They plan to launch The Gay News Network in June.  It will focus on international news coverage for the global Gay community utilizing internet podcasts and its international media affiliates around the world.  Members of the Communications Department have been working with the New York headquarters of CBS, one of the major television networks in the United States in preparation for the launch.  According to Jack Flannigan, “At the rapid rate we are currently seeing,  we expect to have delegates installed in every country in the world by the end of the year.  Their duty will be to represent all of our members within their district, in essence acting as our Consular sections.”

FIGS is stressing in their mission statement that all of their members will have equal representation. Officials stress that they will not allow the organization to become a de facto  state for wealthy Americans or privileged Europeans, but will instead  represent every spectrum and every demographic of the “global Gay rainbow of humanity.”



My Winter Respite: SoBe to Key West, 2010

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As I had said yesterday, if there is a Gay Mecca on the southern mainland of the U.S., it is the South Beach district of Miami  Beach.  It has been this way for at least the last 25 years.  There are plenty of new luxe hotels and resorts to choose from.    What I like most about South Beach (SoBe) is its similarities with New Yorks Manhattan.  Everyone co-mingles, cheek by jowl, every nationality can be found here — a stunningly beautiful mixture of diversity.

My most pleasurable activities in SoBe tend to be free, surprisingly enough, or economically priced and widely available to all.  I try to avoid the grooves of ritual and routine, but my favorite start to a day in South Beach goes something like this: let’s start with being awake and dressed to leave the condo, safe enough.  We take a short stroll to the News Care for breakfast alfresco.  The scenery is beautiful, the eye candy delicious and breakfast a real pleasure.  Orange juice, caffe au lait, two fried egg whites, and some melon while reading a number of publications the old-fashioned way — in print form and it’s a perfect combination to ease into the day.  I invariably bump into someone I know at the News Cafe as it’s a popular gathering spot for our people.  I like to follow-up breakfast with a walk through SoBe’s oceanfront park/promenade.  More eye candy and the wonderful feeling of the soothing warmth of the morning sun, sans the blazing south Florida heat one experiences later in the day.

By the time I’m back in the condo, it’s almost 10am; 4 hours gone — poof! — since first opening my eyes.  During the day, I may go online a couple of times, trying desperately to relax and avoid thoughts of ongoing projects which is nearly impossible.  From time to time, I’ll stroll out the patio doors and cool off in the pool, swim a few laps and make a few calls, talk to family, friends and a few colleagues, although I try to avoid work and usually fail at this.

A couple of times a week I’ll place a call to the marina manager and have the boat prepped.  It usually takes just a few minutes and Rafael has it all gassed up, wiped down and ready to go.  We’ll normally cruise along one of my favorites routes: up the Intracoastal, cross out into the open ocean, south passed SoBe (and the News Cafe) perhaps stopping for lunch or cocktails on Key Biscayne or Fisher Island, before returning.  I love to do a full day trip or an overnighter to Palm Beach or south into the Keys.  I don’t do this often enough because of the time involved, but from my perspective, it’s an enjoyable pursuit.  It satisfies my craving of an “adventure” and leaves me happy and fulfilled.  I often find myself reminiscing about my first long distance kayaking trip.  In preparation for the Seattle to Alaska trip I yakked from Miami to Key West.  I battled ferocious tidal currents on that trip as I chose to ignore the tidal charts.  I also tangled with mangrove swamps, to many sharks (for me, one is too many!) and I leaned a lot on that trip.  I often will throw myself into a situation, confident I’ll figure a way out.  Sometimes it backfires, but I personally prefer the spontaneity over regimentation.

Life in Miami Beach revolves around the celebration of food to some extent.  Dinner goes on for hours, which is nothing new to some of my European or Latin friends, but many North American merely eat for the sake of consuming; which is why I believe so many chain restaurant exist in America.  Beyond the argument of quantity-vs-quality, many prefer the huge portions of something merely acceptable, over a smaller taste of cuisine that is truly exquisite

My nightclubbing days are mostly behind me.  On occasion we’ll be out socializing, celebrating or tearing up the dance floor at one of the clubs, but not very often.  Those days are mostly behind me.  Many clubgoers are just drifting off to slumber when I’m waking up.  It is the old saying, “You can have anything you want in this world, you just can’t have everything.”  I now choose to awake refreshed, without the sense  that a freight train is chugging through my skull.

One of my favorite road trips in the U.S. is the trip from SoBe to Key West.  If one hurries or does it too frequently, or in the height of tourist season, the traffic and congestion is irritating and sucks all of the pleasure out of the experience.

But the first time I take this drive every winter is glorious.  To my thinking, the scenery, the nature and the modernity of travel convenience makes it a total pleasure.  With every passing, spectacular mile we are closer to an American Gay Mecca and the world’s first provisional Gay capital of the modern era.

Of course, nothing stays the same.  All of us become “old timers” if we live long enough.  And to my way of thinking, Key West isn’t what it use to be.  Presently, there are too many non-Gays on the scene who have forever altered the texture of our Homo-haven.  Straight, beer bellied, T-Shirt wearing Midwesterners and their similarly clad husbands driving motor homes have invaded.  They examine the Gay in their natural habitat as one might examine the four-legged creatures in a petting zoo or animal preserve.  They cast their aspersions and judgments without being asked.  Fudge shops and T-Shirt shops litter the main shopping district.  With more popularity there is more commerce and expansion.  A multi-million dollar cruise terminal brings in yet even more gawking and confused Straights.  So they come by land and they come by sea.  They invade even during the traditionally slow seasons.  Add to the mix the rowdy collegians — the worst being Spring Break.

Invariably, a certain percentage of the drunken “Straight” males  feel the need to defend their manly status by verbally confronting of physically beating up one of the Key West Gays, before spewing their beer-laden vomit all over Duval St.  It’s a ritual that seems to happen almost on a daily basis.

Oh, how I wish the Straights would stick with their Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach and the dozens of other beach destinations that, like locusts, they destroy before moving on.  So you may ask yourself, why does Garrett even bother to continue to visit to Key West?

It’s a good question and you might be surprised at the answer.  Tomorrow.

China Joins Ranks As International Number of Gay Patriots Swells

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Everyday, we receive emails and calls from people all over the world, never more so than now that THE GAY STATE was the cover story in China. 10 million hits a month is sort of like having a full page ad in the New York Times, three weeks in a row. A grateful salute to our Gay brothers and sisters in China!

Global press routinely comes to us in ways we wouldn’t expect and is not routinely seen in Google searches.  So remember, loyal patriots, as our numbers grow, we must remember that for the vast majority of people, merely struggling through their day is all many can muster.  For a majority, human nature dictates it is far easier to criticize than to boldly step out into unknown territory.  A skeptic is merely taking the path of less resistance.  So remember, naysayers are simply taking the easier path.  What we are doing, requires hope, courage, faith and a willingness to take a stand where others fear to tread.  And when we are able to celebrate victory after victory, the skeptics will best remain behind.

Click on this link to go to the full story.

In every country around the world, the LGBT-community forms a minority. Currently, a worldwide movement is trying to change this reality. They are busy creating a gay state…