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Should Israel Exist?

Israel, Palestine and the Gay Doctrine.

The answer to whether Israel should exist is unmistakably and unequivocally  yes.  Israel should exist and has every right to exist.  May it thrive and prosper like few other nations in history.  Unlike many others who take a stand on the Israeli solution, I think too many posture and pontificate without having anything at risk in the debate.  As a leader of a people – the Gay community and an elected leader of the FIGS Party – the Free, Independent Gay State Party, I can tell you that the issue is anything but a sterile academic debate when it comes to freedom, independence and the very survival of a people.  And unlike so many who take a stand on Israel, I am not among the chorus who say the solution to the Middle East involves the relocation of Israel.  As a people, they have all ready been grossly and unjustly wronged.

Having said that, let me be very clear.  Any group – any minority that has been wronged, should be made whole and then some.  My people, the people of the Gay State for instance, are due for the opportunity to be made whole by the entire international community.  It should be made whole and then some.  Its conditions deserve to be improved upon as never before.  Does it even the score for thousands of years of savage and brutal oppression?  No, it doesn’t.  It does however, give the oppressors an opportunity to finally do the right thing and make amends for the past injustices they have wrought on the Gay people.

The Israeli’s on the other hand, have been made whole, but they have not yet received their “and then some.”  The international community and Israel’s Middle East neighbors in particular, need to atone for the treatment they have foisted on the Israeli people.  And in the spirit of equality and fairness, just as the people of the Gay State need to be made whole and then some, Palestinians deserve nothing less in fair and equitable treatment.   As any reader of “The Gay State” all ready knows, I do not favor an approach that involves degrees of equality.  Even in the most enlightened and progressive nations on Earth, Gays are still very often treated as first class taxpayers and second class citizens.  We know that in large swaths of the American landscape, Gays experience nothing short of the internationally regarded “American Gay Apartheid.”  This incremental approach to achieving equality is wrong-headed and ultimately doomed to fail.

So what does the international community do to address the Palestinian issue?  What would you want if YOU were left to endure a life of squalor and poverty amid a prison-like confinement that batters the human soul?  I don’t know of one Israeli family that would trade places with a Palestinian family.  The Palestinians need to be treated – deserve to be treated humanely.  No one – Gay, Israeli, American, nor any other people would want the unspeakable conditions forced on the Palestinians to fall upon them.  The disgust is how the international community merely turns a blind eye to their unimaginable suffering.  This is a war for justice and humanity and as always in these wars, few heed the sense of urgency.  Toward this end, the Palestinians need to be made whole and then some.  Every day that the world hesitates in solving this dilemma, more extremists and more terrorists are created.  This writer says slash a portion of the revenue pumped into the military industrial complex and instead spend the money building bridges, enhancing communities and lifting children up to a place where they can see a brighter future for themselves.

The issue in most practical terms, boils down to land and freedom.  The land will not be land taken from Israel.  This is clear, obvious and non-negotiable.  The people of Israel have all ready been sufficiently wronged by international powers who have made a colossal mess of things.  Instead, the land for the Palestinians will be land bought and paid for by the international community.  How many billions of dollars will the international community invest to solve one of the world’s great injustices and in the process bring true and lasting peace to the Middle East?  Conversely, which nation is willing to step up and be willing to cede a portion of its land for a very handsome price?    Jordan?  Egypt? Syria?  Or perhaps somewhere a bit more exotic; Libya, Iraq or Saudi Arabia for example?  Some say the Palestinians, like old prisoners, do not easily leave their cells.  They will not go quietly from their ancestral homeland.  Like countless others who left their homeland to provide a better life for their children and like so many American’s who have no sense of place, it is now the Palestinians who need to relocate to offer a fresh start for its families and a brighter future for its children.  The Irish nearly emptied their homeland a century ago in search of a new start.  At this moment, the citizens of Nauru and Kiribati are leaving their homelands in droves to make a new start as their homelands sink into the Pacific.  Many more nations will face similar fates in the years to come.  Similarly, the Palestinians need to exit the refugee squatter camps they call home and build something new and grander than they have ever had.  Beautiful homes, excellent schools, modern healthcare and employment awaits the Palestinians in their new homeland.  There is no shame in starting over.  Doing so may be the unique American optimism but conditions may well prove to be better than ever before.

There was a time in the late 1800’s when the location of a future Jewish State was considered in far-away Argentina or even the Orient.  Had the Jewish State followed through on Theodor Herzl’s concept, they might not be in the Middle-East and the world would not find itself in such dreary circumstances.   An infrastructure should be built and the Palestinian’s given a chance to prosper according to their own drive and merit.  This is a new beginning that will vastly improve the quality of life for the Palestinian people for generations to come.  For example, for the people of the Gay State, we want nothing more than the politically autonomous territory where we can be left to live in peace and to live according to our ability and drive.  If we as a people should utterly fail, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  The Palestinians deserve nothing less.  Palestinian parents will finally be able to provide their children with safety, freedom, modern conveniences, a sense of peace and liberty, and the ability to allow their children to grow up and experience the joy and prosperity we all wish for our families.

I think all parties agree the current scenario is unpalatable all the way around.  All parties should be made whole and then some.  For all of the suffering and past injustices, the international community needs to step up and do the right thing.  This might well be the last best chance to secure a lasting peace that could transform the Middle-East.

In the 21st century, is humankind mature enough to realize that some cultures do not blend well with others?  That nations around the world subject our Gay citizens to life imprison or sentence them to death because of who we are and who we love is all the evidence the we need.  We also surely must admit that humanity is not yet mature enough for diverse societies to coexist within one state.  Many claim the Israeli’s should be condemned for their ongoing aggressiveness.  Many say the Palestinians are a front for terrorism.  For my people, the Gay people, one of our thirteen Gaymandments is forgiveness.  We work on forgiving those who continue to attack us, even after Gay people have endured thousands of years of mistreatment.  Without forgiveness from both the Israeli’s and the Palestinians, the festering wounds from the ongoing hostility will prevent both sides from reaching a greater and higher plain.  Therefore, let us agree to separate, peaceably, fairly for the betterment of all peoples involved.  With a free and prosperous Israel, a free and prosperous Palestine, all of humanity can exhale.  As for Israel, it should exist and be allowed to thrive in peace.  So too should the Palestinians and even the Gay State which I proudly represent.


Leslie Jordan Made Me Cry.

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That’s right, I said it.  It happened after several days of chaotic travel and personal matters that needed my attention.  I was away and snuck into Manhattan on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night we had dinner in Chelsea and met some friends before whisking off to the Midtown Theater to see Emmy Award Winner Leslie Jordan in his incredible one-man show “My Trip Down The Pink Carpet.”

From the opening line, Leslie had the audience laughing out loud.  It was funny, he was hilarious, it was intriguing hearing all of the gossip and juicy details of the strange and exciting life of a man who was an unlikely Hollywood success story.  The audience adored Leslie Jordan.  And I loved Leslie Jordan.

For the younger audience, they know Leslie Jordan as Beverly Leslie, the petite scene stealer who played the sarcastic arch-nemesis to one Karen Walker, played by Megan Mulally of “Will and Grace” fame.  From his opening line of  “Karen Walker!  I thought I smelled Gin and regret,” Leslie had us all in the palm of his hand.

What I suspect many in the audience didn’t know, was the long and storied career he has had, from working with a young Robert Urich, to John Ritter to Faye  Dunaway.   The show however, wasn’t just a laugh out loud comedy/cabaret act.  Leslie sang and boogied his way through a drug and booze filled Disco era and the audience came along for the ride.

What ultimately was most poignant, was Leslie Jordan’s strength in exposing a very human vulnerability that afflicts us all.  And yes, the issues of growing up in a non-Gay community and family that brutalized our souls and damaged our very sense of self-worth.  He spoke of his internalized homophobia and the torment he endured in coming to terms with who he was.  And as Jordan aptly described, the younger generation Twits and Tweetwers its way through Gay expression, but for us Gay men and women of a certain age, the loneliness and despair of finding ones way in the world was often a sad and desperate journey that too often ended in suicide or psychosis that required therapy.

While some in the audience were wiping away the tears, others simply laughed their way through the tears.  Readers, while you can, see this show.  It will strike a chord, I guarantee.  It will remind you of what we’ve been through to get where we are.  But make no mistake, this is one of the most fun evenings many of us have had in a very long time.

“The Gay State” To Launch in New York. FREEDOM Commences May 21st, 2010

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April 22, 2010

(New York) – The highly anticipated launch of “The Gay State:  The Quest for an Independent Gay Nation-State and what It Means to Conservatives and the World’s Religions” is scheduled for May 21, 2010 in New York City.  According to Dottie Shapiro, agent for author Garrett Graham, “This book has been a rally cry for Gay people around the world who are yearning for peace, freedom, liberty and above all, equality – and a lightning rod for those who oppose their advances.  And in keeping with his pride in the Gay community,  Garrett (Graham) has agreed to hold the launch reception at the Leslie/Lohman Gay Arts Foundation.”  The general public is invited to attend the exclusive Friday evening event and will take place beginning at 6:30 pm and will conclude by 8:30pm.  The address is 26 Wooster Street, New York.  It is one block north of Canal Street and two blocks east of 6th Avenue.  Due to the adult nature of the topic, all attendees must be 18 years of age or older.

“The Gay State” was published by The Gay State Government Services Corporation.  According to Graham, “We’ve been invited to hold our launch at a number of prestigious venues, but in the end, the Leslie/Lohman Gallery has such an astounding record of accomplishment for standing up to support the Gay community and allow for an expression often shunned or marginalized in the mainstream art world.  For us, it was an easy decision – as humbled and gratified as we were to be invited by The National Press Club in Washington, DC, The Yale Club, among others, we felt an allegiance to the good people at Leslie/Lohman for their astonishing work and their courage.”  According to Shapiro, “it will be an evening filled with amazing Gay art, books and discussion, all the while imbibing in spirits and meeting the leaders and thinkers of the Gay community.”

“The Gay State” is Graham’s continued galvanizing of the global Gay community.  The Gay independence movement which has been gaining momentum around the world, has formed the international F.I.G.S. Party – for friends and supporters of a “Free, Independent Gay State.”  Graham’s hypothesis is that Gay people everywhere are a people – one people – with a distinct culture, traditions and ideals and deserve a politically autonomous territory, free from the ongoing oppression and persecution of the “non-Gay” majority.  In the book, Graham outlines 3,000 years of a “kaleidoscope of horrors” as he puts it.  He also details some of the atrocities up to today, when he claims 95% percent of the nations still discriminate against Gays at the very least, and root them out for extermination at the worst.  “There remain at least 80 nations that have outlawed our very existence,” the author and international Gay activist explains. Graham’s “The Gay State” covers the socio-political solution to the ongoing tensions that exist between the Gay community and the “so-called” conservatives and the religious.

Graham added, “Millions of my people have had their lives destroyed and to what end?  Enough! As Bishop Desmond Tutu has said in defense of oppressed people everywhere, ‘I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master.  I want the full menu of rights.’”  With Graham’s book, more people around the world will open their eyes to what the world could be, an alternative to what it is.

Flag Burning, Hateful Attack on Gay Community Stirs Impassioned Response for Gay Equality.

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The Center is a beacon of safety and hope for LGBT New Yorkers and our building stands as an emblem of our community’s presence in the city. The Center is visited over 300,000 times every year by people in search of support, safety and transformation. More than 1,000 young people come through our doors annually searching for acceptance and a place where they feel comfortable expressing their true selves.

Cowardly acts of hateful speech must be responded to with acts of courage and unity.

The Center has partnered with Gilbert Baker, the Rainbow Flag’s creator, as well as many elected officials and other organizations to bring together our community and unfurl a new 20 foot long flag that will drape the building. On Wednesday, April 21st at 5:00 pm we will gather together as one to prove that we will not sit idly by while our home is threatened. We invite our straight allies to stand with us to demonstrate that LGBT safety and rights are not just an issue for LGBT people. Our city is strong and we need to come together to show that we cannot be intimidated.

Please join us and demonstrate the true power of community!

When: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 5:00 pm
Where: In front of The LGBT Community Center, 208 W 13th Street, Manhattan
For questions or how to help, please contact Jeffrey Klein at

Statement from Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg:
“New York City, which itself is a symbol for hope and opportunity worldwide, takes symbols of hate very seriously. We’re the most diverse place anywhere on the planet, but we’re unified against anyone who tries to attack because of who other people are.”

Statement from Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer:
“This hate crime perpetrated against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center is a cowardly attempt at intimidation, and it will not be tolerated. The burning of a rainbow flag – a proud symbol of the LGBT movement – should be taken as seriously as if the American flag had been desecrated. I urge anyone with information about this despicable act to contact the NYPD at 1-800-577-TIPS.”

Statement from Congressman Nadler:
“I was appalled to learn of the recent hate crime at the LGBT Center,” said Congressman Nadler. “Burning a rainbow flag and placing it in front of the Center’s entrance is a cowardly act clearly intended to intimidate members of the LGBT community. As a proud cosponsor of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which was signed into law last fall, I deeply believe that there is no place in our society for such hateful treatment of human beings, especially not for their sexual orientation or gender identity. I commend the NYPD for its swift response to this incident and for appropriately treating it as a hate crime.”

Statement from Assembly Member Daniel J. O’Donnell:
“I am appalled by the recent hate crime incident at the LGBT Community Center. Leaving a burned pride flag at the symbolic doorstep of our community is an act of intimidation that should be condemned by every New Yorker. I am grateful that the New York Police Department is taking this incident seriously and will make every effort to catch the culprit and bring them to justice. As an out and proud member of this community and patron of the LGBT Center, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the Center remains a safe space.”

Statement from Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn:
“The act of hate demonstrated outside the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in the Village is unacceptable. I was angered and deeply disturbed when I heard someone would go to such great lengths to burn a rainbow flag and pin it to the outside of the building. The Center has long been a safe space for LGBT people and will continue to serve New Yorkers who need specific health and social resources. We will continue to combat hate through education to ensure spaces like the Center stay safe. We will continue to speak out against hate and to ensure spaces like the Center stay safe. Our community will continue to stand up against all acts of hate.”

Statement from New York State Senator Tom Duane:
“I was deeply aggrieved and angered to hear that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center was vandalized under the cover of darkness Tuesday night. The Center represents an entire community whose sense of security has been violated by this targeted violence, but we will not be intimidated and we will not be victimized. The Center is working with the New York City Police Department’s 6th precinct and Hate Crimes Unit and the New York City Anti-Violence Project to respond to this apparent hate crime and I am confident that those responsible will be brought to justice. This event is only the latest indicator of the continued need to reduce ignorance, hatred and bigotry in our society.”

Statement from Assembly Member Deborah Glick:
“The LGBT community will not be intimidated by acts of vandalism directed at this important institution in our community. We stand united with the broader Village community to ensure the safety all those who visit the Center.”

Statement from Assembly Member Micah Z. Kellner:
“This chilling act of hate reminds us that despite the gains the LGBT community has made violent intolerance is still a very real and disquieting aspect of our society. It is critical that justice is delivered swiftly because it sends a message—particularly to LGBT youth—that civil society does not align itself with bigotry, but rather embraces the diversity that makes our city great. As an openly bisexual man, I understand acutely how important these messages are in the social and emotional health of the younger members of our community. I am pleased to learn that the NYPD has acted appropriately in the investigation of this deplorable hate crime.”

Statement from Assembly member Matthew Titone:
“The LGBT community is a strong and proud community that will not be intimidated by cowardly acts of ignorance. Intolerance like this should not be tolerated by anyone.” Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer of Queens “This hateful act is yet another reminder of how far we have to go toward making our City one that is free of hatred and biggotry at all times and for all people. “I am confident that the NYPD, along with the help of New Yorkers, will find those responsible for this attempt at intimidation.”

Graham Elected President of FIGS

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Launching Int’l. Gay News Network Part of Platform

Summary:  The reality is every day, thousands of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender people are murdered, beaten, executed, imprisoned and psychologically abused because of who they are and who they love and after 3,000 years of brutal oppression, the global Gay community is saying “Enough!”  They want peace, freedom and liberty and they want it NOW!  This growing movement for Gay independence and Gay nationalism is rallying around their newly elected President, Garrett Graham, proclaiming a call to arms in his “Gay Manifesto.”

(New York, NY) – FIGS – the Free, Independent Gay State, an international organization representing the global Gay community, has elected Garrett Graham as President to a three year term.  Members of the governing body reside on six of the seven continents.  In the twenty seven voting blocks, Graham garnered 73 percent  of the vote.  The remaining 27 percent of the votes were cast for two other candidates, Jack Smith of Sydney, Australia and Gabriel Silva of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Membership in the FIGS party is rapidly expanding around the world.  Members are known to one another as “Figgies” and advocate for a politically autonomous Gay Nation-State and stress their demands for Gay independence.  “At no time in modern history, have conditions been more favorable, nor do I suspect conditions will improve if we wait any longer.  This is a unique moment in time and Gay people everywhere are demanding equality, freedom and liberty and they want it now,” Graham said from his New York office.  Interest and membership in FIGS has been growing rapidly.  “Of course our people exist in every nation on Earth and unfortunately, the LGBT community is oppressed and persecuted in 95 percent of all nations.  Conditions are shameful in America, but the situation is even worse in most other countries,” he added.

Graham has devoted more than twenty five years of his life as a Gay activist, promoting international Gay equality.  As a human rights mediator and university lecturer, Graham has travelled extensively.  As an author, his book The Gay State:  The Quest for an Independent Gay Nation-State and what It Means to Conservatives and the World’s Religions is due to be released in late Spring.  The book is a 21st Century “Gay Manifesto” that is inspired by the work of Theodor Herzl and Thomas Paine, two intellectuals and visionaries who motivated a people to escape tyranny, claim their independence and issue a call to arms, if necessary.  According to Graham, “if not for Muslim fundamentalists, self-righteous Christian practitioners and the political conservatives, we would not find ourselves in such difficult straits.  No one can deny the brutal treatment we’ve received from them since time immemorial. It is clear by their actions and words that they will not allow us to live in peace.  Even our religious and conservative allies and supporters know we must separate in order to secure our freedom.”

Recently Graham petitioned for the release of a Gay couple in Malawi, being imprisoned for being in a committed Gay relationship.  The case continues to seek a resolution.  He also successfully negotiated with Gambian authorities to suspend their decree to initiate beheadings of all Homosexuals arrested in an undercover sweep by secret police squads.  “No one can deny that we as a people have been savagely oppressed for more than 3,000 years and it shows no sign of ending.  Even today, our very existence is outlawed in more than 80 nations around the world. All that we seek is to have our own small , politically sovereign territory and to be left in peace.  We want nothing more and will take care of the rest.  We will prosper and succeed or despair and fail, according to our own merit, drive and talent.”  A FIGS official stressed that their commitment to equality is a fundamental principle of the FIGS and they will welcome all Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender people to their new Gay homeland.  “We will also welcome all of our non-Gay Heterosexual Allies who care to join us in one of Mankind’s  greatest experiments, the first majority-Gay nation in recorded human history,” according to Jack Flannigan, acting Press Secretary.                                                                                                          

Graham’s platform in this week’s election included plans to consolidate the organizations resources and broaden their global communications.  They plan to launch The Gay News Network in June.  It will focus on international news coverage for the global Gay community utilizing internet podcasts and its international media affiliates around the world.  Members of the Communications Department have been working with the New York headquarters of CBS, one of the major television networks in the United States in preparation for the launch.  According to Jack Flannigan, “At the rapid rate we are currently seeing,  we expect to have delegates installed in every country in the world by the end of the year.  Their duty will be to represent all of our members within their district, in essence acting as our Consular sections.”

FIGS is stressing in their mission statement that all of their members will have equal representation. Officials stress that they will not allow the organization to become a de facto  state for wealthy Americans or privileged Europeans, but will instead  represent every spectrum and every demographic of the “global Gay rainbow of humanity.”



Third Printing of Graham’s Best Seller, The Gay State Announced for 2010.

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Third Printing of Graham’s Best Seller, The Gay State Announced for 2010.

New York, NY, USA – December 22, 2009.  In 2009, the world witnessed the relentless and continuing assault of Gays around the globe.  Murders, executions, imprisonment and beatings of members of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community increased internationally.  The beheading of Gays even reached the US, which saw LGBT hate crimes spike by eleven percent in 2008-09.

 As a result of the ongoing global persecution, author Garrett Graham is re-releasing his internationally acclaimed book “The Gay State: The Quest For An Independent Gay Nation-State And What It Means To Conservatives And The World’s Religions.”  The book, originally written  and released in 2007, was followed up with a second printing in 2008.  After revisions and re-editing and inclusion of new data, a third printing of The Gay State is expected to be released by Spring, 2010.  Demand continues to increase, according to Graham’s agent,  Dottie Shapiro, with global distribution across five continents.

 Graham, who lives in New York, has travelled extensively as a Gay equality activist and has researched the question of creating an independent Gay nation.  According to Graham, “Gays have lived under brutal oppression for thousands of years.  And with the exception of a few liberal pockets of enlightenment, the onslaught of our people mercilessly continues.”

 In a telephone interview from London, Graham said “We, as the Gay community are a people – one people, yet we are scattered about in every nation on Earth.  Of those 195 nations, 80 of them have made our very existence an illegal act.  Even in countries where we are legally allowed to exist, we are rooted out for extermination and subjected to routine violence.”

Graham insists the time for this historic experiment in Gay independence has come.  “The global Gay community wants nothing more than to live in freedom with peace and liberty.  We seek only to be left to prosper – or fail, according to our own merit, drive and talent.”

Political conservatives and religious leaders have had mixed reactions to the plan for an independent Gay territory, but substantial numbers support the Gay community in establishing their own Gay state.  Graham’s response to the clergy was “It may be true that we are strange bedfellows.  But we all agree that our views are incompatible and by working harmoniously to separate peacefully is in everyone’s interest.”

Often referred to as “The father of the global Gay independence movement,” Graham will continue to give talks on the subject and a book tour will be scheduled in the coming months, according to his agent, Dottie Shapiro. 

Garrett Graham is available for interviews and his offices may be reached at:

Contact:  Garrett Graham

The Violence Against Gays Must Not Continue

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A Global Petition.

Help us stop the torture and international abuse of Gays everywhere and lend your voice in establishing a free and independent Gay State!

It is not freedom when you are only allowed as much leverage as your masters are comfortable in affording you. Just think of it…what other minorities have endured 3,000 years of murder, execution, imprisonment and beatings? And now in the 21st century, the global Gay community are second class citizens at best, rooted out for extermination at worst.


 Say YES to the Establishment of new Gay Nation-State and express your support to all international Political leaders and UN Members.

Preamble: We, Citizens of the World, representing every nation on Earth, Gay citizens and non-Gay citizens alike, recognize that, Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender People have endured thousands of years of persecution in the lands of their birth. We acknowledge that in 80 nations on Earth, expressing ones Homosexuality is a crime, punishable by death, extreme prison sentences, public lashings or hard labor. We also acknowledge that Gay people are discriminated against in virtually every nation on Earth; that in nearly all countries they are treated as second class citizens at best and as a people that should be exterminated at worst. We recognize that Gay people everywhere deserve liberty, equality, freedom and democracy. In as much that nations cannot or will not accommodate the rights of this oppressed minority, we support the establishment of a Gay Nation-State where they may pursue life, liberty, freedom and happiness, without oppression from an alternate majority, without infringing on the rights of the majorities in every other nation on Earth that has a majority Heterosexual population.

We recognize that Gay citizens everywhere are a people – one people, one tribe and they share a unique status as a minority population that no other minority group inherently owns and should therefore, be afforded the territorial rights of a recognized minority. We recoginze that it is our cultural traits and our innate being that targets us for oppression, abuse and execution.  It is not a choice, nor something that can or should be squashed.  And free people everywhere recognize that the Gay community is targeted for violence and extermination because of their unique and innate being that brings them together as one people.

We acknowledge that their oppression at the hands of the majority non-Gay Heterosexual governments is so massive and widespread as to exist in a full 95 percent of all nations on Earth. While advancements in their human rights have occurred, they have done so at a very slow pace, extending over many centuries. We also must admit that Gay people have been marginalized and their advances have often been repealed by governments unfriendly to their plight and political administrations in need of a political and cultural scapegoat, as government often are.

Furthermore we wish to acknowledge that Gay citizens are oppressed in ways beyond the oppression witnessed in most other minorities. The physical violence, psychological terrorism and financial hardships imposed on Gay people worldwide, goes so far as to prevent them from gathering in sizable numbers as other minorities have done, resulting in their oppression being largely invisible to the outside world.

Toward a resolution that would refrain from the continued oppression and violence afflicted on Gay citizens, but without sacrificing the rights, cultural and religious beliefs of the vast majority of nations on Earth, we submit that a territory be transferred to Gay people to create their own Gay Nation-State where they can flourish and prosper or struggle and despair, according to their own abilities and innate talents and quest for democracy.

 Therefore, as Citizens of the World, representing every nation on planet Earth, we endorse the establishment of a Gay Nation-State and support the actions to create a peaceful transfer of a territory where they can create their own culture and live to the best of their ability.

Please offer us your city and country of residence. Also your email is appreciated so that we may contact you with additional information on our development. We will strictly protect your identity and under no circumstances will we share your information with third parties. Thank you.

Please take a moment and click here to go directly to the petition above and support us in name.  Thank you!

Peace Be With You, Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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I happened to have been born into a Catholic family.  Over the years, for me, and yes religion is a very individual experience, the folly of the Church became blatant, the misguided papacy represented the heights of hypocrisy and my experiences with the Roman Catholic hierarchy revealed itself as an enemy of my people.  I believe they harm freedom-seeking and spiritually inclined Gays around the world.  I cannot continue to let my people suffer in silence and benign neglect from the church because of some other “goods” that they apparently stand for.

But as I have said, religion is a personal experience meant to bring you closer to your God.  Several very wise and loving friends of mine happen to follow the Catholic church and they choose to overlook the hatred and intolerance that is preached from the pulpit.  I think they believe their bond with their God is strong enough to withstand the meddling of hostile middle men who work to build artificial barriers.  I surround myself with diverse thinkers; some friends being Pro-Choice, some being Pro-Life (you might call them Anti-Choice,) some being Democratic Socialists and yes, even a few who fancy themselves as Republicans.  Some attend mass to enrich their lives.  Some attend services to be part of a community.  Others attend mass for the P.R. value.  Just think of the political candidates that have taken their message to the pulpits across America.

 On this particular Sunday, I attended the Gayest of Catholic churches in all of New York City; the St. Francis Xavier Church on W. 16th Street.  It is located on the edge of Chelsea; others call it the Union Square neighborhood.  But it is on its face, a very accepting church with a lovely and well-meaning congregation; most or at least many who are of the Gay community who call SFX the home for their spiritual enrichment.

 Just moments after the mass begins, who quietly walks in with her young, toddler-aged grandson and discretely takes a seat in a rear pew?  Non other than the woman who is third in line for the Presidency of the United States, the Honorable  Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi.  I noticed her out of the corner of my eye, while seemingly very few others did.  New Yorkers tend to be non-plused by celebrity sightings anyway. 

 Speaker Pelosi was very pleasant, blended in as just another congregant.  She sang the hymns, and modestly distracted her young grandson, who while well-behaved, squirmed in his seat as toddlers do.  And she was a big tipper too.  Make that donor.  One isn’t suppose to notice these things in a house of worship but on this Sunday they passed the basket around two times.  The first time, she put two twenties in the basket, one from her, the other the grandson.  On the second passing, when most people scale back their offerings in a big way, she followed through and ponied up another $40 smackers.

 Then there is the part of the service when Catholics go through this offering of the peace to all of those sitting around them in neighbouring seats.  Generally, on queue, people smile at one another, shake hands and say “Peace be with you.”  They unclasp their handshake, turn to the next person and repeat.  Nancy, with her trademark smile and sparkling eyes, made eye contact to each and every participant she offered peace to.  Only then did some people recognize her.  As the mass ended and the congregants turned to depart the church, only then could one see the Secret Service agents in the church, at the entrance and guarding her awaiting SUV waiting just outside the door.

Word quickly spread in hushed tones, others clearly responded to what might be defined as a celebrity sighting.  People, one at a time came to her as everyone slowly exited the church.  The congregants thanked her for all that she is doing to provide the citizens of the US with health care.  Others thanked her in fighting the “evil doers” who work to deny affordable health care.  Even more thanked her for all of her efforts and others shouted from a moderate distance, “God Bless You, Nancy Pelosi!”  I believe she was a genuine Catholic practicing her faith.  She didn’t seem to be one of the countless phonies I have met in my lifetime, just trying to put in a good show.

It must be nice.  It must be comforting and reassuring to believe in a faith that is not determined to rob you of your civil rights.  If we are all perfect; made in God’s image and he made us as we are, who then is the church to shout “Blasphemy!” at our families and who we love?  The Catholic church has supported our executioners for thousands of years, enabling those who subject us to brutal oppression.  It is an organization I will not break bread with anytime soon.

And then, there are the parishioners, like my friends and like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, sincere, genuine and well meaning, who embody the goodness of humanity.  May their God bless them heartily!

“Kill The Gays” Tour Continues Its Sold Out Concerts in America.

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on November 1, 2009

In my life I have witnessed the swinging of the pendulum more times than I care to admit.  We gain some rights in our quest for Gay Equality and then we suffer setbacks.  I can remember President Clinton planning one of his first Executive Orders to call for allowing Gays to serve openly in the US Military.  Now 17 years later, in order to serve our country with “honor” we must continue to live a lie about who we are as human beings.

 Still in 2009, after David Mixner called on all of us to rally at the U.S. Capitol, our prospects look brighter for Gay Equality than I call recall in my lifetime.  Meanwhile in the parallel universe of “Mainstream America,” life goes on in ways that diminish Gays as less than full citizens.

 Which brings me to one uneducated, unenlightened, anti-Gayite by the name of Buju Banton, a Jamaican who makes a nice living playing to sold out concert halls across America.  It’s not news to most of you reading these words that he has entitled his concert tour as the “Kill The Gays” Tour.  A rabid Homophobe he proudly proclaims to his audiences that “there is no end to the war between me and the faggots.”  His hate inspired lyrics include the passive suggestions of pouring acid on Gays, to “burn them up bad, like an old wheel tire.”  He goes on to sing about how “faggots get up and run” when Buju comes, that “they have to die,”  and describes how to shoot Gays dead in the head with a submachine gun.

 Initially, many venues cancelled his performance and TicketMaster pulled out of its agreement with the “Kill The Gays” Tour.  Since then, many other, independent venues have come forward so that Buju’s followers could assemble to listen to his live, hated-inspired music.  And I am not surprised the ticket sales have been brisk.  Concerts have been cancelled but many others have sold out, including in San Francisco’s Bay Area.  “It is insulting and offensive that here in San Francisco, one of the Gayest cities in the world, we have to tolerate having this hate shoved down our throats under the guise of the First Amendment, right here in our own city” said one protester outside the concert.  “Hate speech like this and like Gangsta Rap,  ought to be illegal.  How does it contribute to a healthy peaceful society?” an unidentified protestor added.

 Tonight, The Buju Banton Hate Fest moves on to the Sunshine State with performances scheduled for Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville.

 Keep in mind as we celebrate our “victories” that should produce results in Washington, DC “any day now,” victims of Gay Bashings are still beaten and in hospitals and mobs gather to celebrate our oppression. 

 Yes, the pendulum.  It continues to swing. And each time it does, I am less jubilant in the good times, for I understand what is just around the corner.

 The Takeaway:  Even in the USA, we are only free to the extent that our oppressors allow us to be.

 And in The Gay State:  We are free and equal and do not rely on non-Gay Heterosexual masters to tell us when we can have some freedom and how much we will be tolerated.  Hard earned freedom is ours and we have proclaimed it!


The National Equality March on Washington Continues to Produce Positive Outcome.

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on October 28, 2009

To the many in America’s Gay community who voiced opposition to the Gay march, I want you to take note of all of the positive buzz that seems to be happening lately.  I attribute this national change of heart to the 100,000 to 200,000 of Gay and non-Gay American’s that stood up and said Enough!

Enough with the unequal treatment!  Enough with being First Class Taxpayers but treated as Second Class Citizens.  Enough with my government not protecting my constitutional rights.  And most importantly, the throngs of young people who rose up to say to the old, entrenched Gay power base, that their moldy notions of Gay incrementalism is a theory that’s time has passed.

We demanded reason and action on October 11th and we stood our ground before the US Capitol while many of our Gay leaders of yesterday proved they were  more interested in protecting their power base and influence than standing up for what was right.

Take note of the recent developments:

  1. Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania has changed his mind on Gay Marriage.
  2. John Baldacci, the Governor of Maine has announced his support for Gay Marriage in what has become a national battleground this election season.
  3. John McHugh, the Secretary of the Army says the military is ready to lift the Gay ban.
  4. President Obama is set to sign the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill tomorrow.
  5. NFL (National Football League in US) a bastion of Old School Machismo, Suspends Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs for his Anti-Gay Slur.

Of course in a perfect world as in our own Gay State, none of these issues would exist.  Countless hours of human productivity and effort would not be wasted on issues that suppress our rights as full and equal citizens.

But here we are talking about the United State after all; a land where homophobia and Gay oppression runs deep and the historic tide has been against Gays, Lesbians and Transgender people.

 So at least we should celebrate these advancements.  No, in the big picture, none of it is good enough when Gay youth commit suicide and are disowned from their families because of who they are and Gay bashings occur against the everyday, regular man on the street, simply because he was Gay and walking home from a convenience store.  But you can feel the tide turning and I attribute that to our committed marchers, who turned out en mass, even when told by the crusty, out of touch leadership that the rally was doomed to fail.

To the Equality marchers, I am proud of you for taking a stand.  To the organizers, you are heros and what you have done to advance the cause of our lives will not be forgotten.  To David Mixner, when the world’s first Gay State is established, there will surely be a monument dedicated to you.  To Cleve Jones, you are already in the history books, and your reputation only grows.  LT Dan Choi, Robin McGehee and Derek Washington; I think of the parallels between each of you and the countless unsung hero’s that deserved to be honored in America’s War for Independence.  You each are hero’s I met personally at the March on October 11th; and to countless others,  know that you helped change lives and give hope and I thank you all collectively.  I’m sure Harvey Milk is looking down and smiling.

We still have a long way to go, but don’t give up.  This is a new reason for hope and enjoy these apparent gains.  I think it’s time for a Cosmo; how about you?