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The Blunt Reality of Gay Marriage in US Today

Posted in Uncategorized by thegaystateblog on February 26, 2010

 The history of Gay America has been forced to remain mostly hidden from view, ever since Columbus and his merry band of intrepid adventurers: some arguably the first Gay Europeans to land, first arrived over 500 years ago.  The society of Man has of course progressed over time, as have Gay Americans.  But because there are Gay television characters, Gay radio stations, Gay film and Gay publishing, all in the realm of popular culture, do not overestimate the degree that Gay citizens are able to celebrate freedom and liberty in the United States.

If the reader is old enough to read this, then the reader understands that Gay Americans have waited all of their lives for the chance to marry and have a family and remain today, denied this right.  In short, denied being a part of the American Dream.  In the last several years, as media frenzy would hype any progress in the Gay marriage movement, both for and against, something happened in America.  For the first time in US history, amendments were passed in state constitutions to disenfranchise a certain class of citizen.  State after state amended their constitutions to deny Gay American citizen the rights afforded to all other full humans and thus denied Gays and Lesbians the right to marry and raise a family.

Most recently a number of states legalized Gay marriage through actions of the judicial and legislative branches.  As the joyous exultations of “free at last!” rang out from Gay America, the laws were repealed, almost overnight, struck down or vetoed by a referendum and popular vote.  Marriage licenses that had been framed and proudly hung in family rooms across America were suddenly worthless and a cruel reminder that hard-fought freedom in America can be snatched away at any moment if you don’t win the favor of the ruling majority.  Maine, California and marriages in New York are the most glaring examples.

Currently, only five states allow same-sex marriages which are frankly, more ceremonial than substantive.  Since the federal government refuses to acknowledge these “unions” as marriages, they are, in the eyes of the US federal government, of little meaning or consequence.

Current realities as painful as they are, offer three views that Gay Americans can either embrace or simply endure:

 1.The first is to accept the harsh reality that they live under the oppressive policy of a system known as American Gay Apartheid.  It is incredulous but true that while they may be first class tax payers, with incomes and education levels above the US averages, they know they have forever been second class citizens and will remain so.  Millions of Gay Americans have died while in service to their country or simply from old age, never to know the freedom of the majority.  The heterosexual masters continue to allow Gay Americans only as much freedom and rights as they are so inclined to offer.  The policy that same-sex couples cannot marry and have a family speaks volumes that Gays remain unworthy and less than fully human in the eyes of the majority.  Conversely, a heterosexual male could have served prison time for murder, abandoned his children, beat his last three wives and is still free to marry a fourth, fifth or even sixth time.  Rarely if ever does one hear politicians and clergy preach about the “sanctity of marriage” when it comes to a heterosexual making a shameful mockery out of one of mankind’s greatest blessings.  The phrase is reserved almost exclusively for the shunning and belittling of Gay love. 

2. There is only one way the federal government allows Gay people to marry and receive all the rights and privileges of the heterosexual majority.  In order to receive the American governments blessing and approval in this “land of liberty,” the U.S. government forces one of the Gay partners to undergo a sexual reassignment surgery.   Through the painful, psychological trauma and physically altering process, one of the partners must have his or her genitalia surgically removed and replaced with that of the opposite sex. 

As archaic as this forced sexual reassignment sounds, it is a solution in the eyes of the U.S. Government.  However, elderly men and women and the infirm, for example, who have lost the use of their sexual organs remain Gay or non-Gay.  Paraplegics who may have no sexual function remain Gay or non-Gay, according to their orientation.  The surgery doesn’t change orientation.  Only the U.S. lawmakers fail to recognize that the primary stimulant for sex is between the ears and not between the legs.

One New York couple is preparing a lawsuit against the federal government for allegedly forcing this couple to undergo sexual reassignment surgery so that they may marry, have a family and enjoy the fruits of America’s freedom and liberty.  This couple, who has requested anonymity, is currently preparing for the medical procedure.

3. The third and final answer requires Gay Americans to live a lie in order to be granted the American Dream.  Experienced from a life of being shunned and living secretly behind closed curtains, Gay Americans might find this as the only viable option to happiness.  Gay American patriots, who were forced to live a lie to serve their country can best understand how to maneuver this successfully.

This alternative requires one of the marriage partners to fraudulently assume the identity of the opposite sex.  If they lie sufficiently well and often enough, they can marry as husband and wife, adopt children, raise a family, pay their taxes, take their IRS deductions and when one of the spouses is deceased, the other is eligible for Social Security benefits to sustain the family in a time of grief and sorrow.  Hollywood film-maker Ken del Vecchio is producing An Affirmative Act, directed by Jana Mattioli, about two New Jersey Lesbians charged with fraud for misrepresenting themselves, one as a man, but both complicit in the fraud.  The cast of Oscar, Tony and Emmy winners is creating substantial buzz on a film that will premiere at the Hoboken Film Festival in June.  Should the U.S. government sentence two people, forced to a lifetime of lying and deceit when they live in a nation surrounded by tens of millions of other couples who do not have to pay such a heavy price?

To be sure, full and unfettered liberty and freedom in America is reserved for the non-Gay heterosexual majority.   Today, Gay Americans must choose:  accept a life under the system of Gay Apartheid, undergo a required sexual reassignment surgery, or commit fraud and break the laws of the United States.  If Gay Americans are truly devoted to marriage, these are the only choices in the U.S. that currently won’t be snatched away in the dark of the night.  In time the laws may offer Gay equality, but the terror that the global Gay community has endured for 3,000 years prevents a giddy exuberance about the future.  Only time will tell how much longer America will fail to live up to its ideals of freedom, liberty and equality.

American Garrett Graham, author of “The Gay State: The Quest For An Independent Gay Nation-State And What It Means For Conservatives And The World’s Religions,” is a university lecturer, Gay nationalist and international Gay equality activist.