The World's New Gay State

The Book

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

                                                                        ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Preface.

The argument that I lay out in this pamphlet is an age-old one; the establishment of a Gay State.  The world speaks of outrage, disgust, intolerance and hatred against the Gay culture and this is what awakens this dormant desire and earnest concept.

I know I am not inventing anything original with The Gay State, as the reader should be constantly aware when reading my explanations.  I have borrowed heavily to express how we find ourselves in this situation at this point in time.  The most comfortable amongst us, the financially well to do, are often blinded to the realities and will not understand the desperate circumstances that exist around the world.

As our struggle has endured for thousands of years and in every corner of the globe, I am inventing neither the condition of the Gay community as it developed through history, nor the means to remedy it.  The material components of the structure which I lay out, are present in reality and within easy reach; anyone can convince himself of that.  Thus if anyone wants to characterize this attempt to solve the Gay question with one word, then it should not be called a “fantasy” but at most a “hypothesis.”

At the outset I must guard this paper from being treated as a Utopian plan.  In doing so I am only preventing superficial observers from possibly committing a silly and naive  blunder.   To those who refer to the notion of an independent Gay nation-state as a fanciful utopia, I must strongly disagree.  They do our people a grave disservice.  The alternative to our independence of course, would be to remain in ones nation of birth, to live and die as an outsider; never fully acknowledged for who you are, nor appreciated for your innate goodness; a goodness made in the eyes of God.  Had I chosen instead to simply produce a work of fiction on life in a Gay nation, I could have spared myself from the constant criticisms from our detractors, which let me assure you, the fanatics who wish to exterminate us, get themselves all riled up at the prospects of our advancement.  So yes, a simple novel of science fiction might well have proved entertaining, but our movement is not about being entertained.  For that genre, countless works have been produced, if idle pleasure and armchair reading is the desired outcome.  Frankly, our global conditions are far too dire to not take our circumstances seriously.  And I think the situation of the Gay community throughout the world is sufficiently dire to render all fanciful notions of utopian wishful thinking as unfitting for the times. 

The plan before you, however, contains the utilization of a driving force that exists in reality.  In all modesty, I am only indicating what generations of amiable thinkers have pondered and that includes many of the various components that would be considered in the building of a modern state.  There are in our ranks, talented and gifted architects more competent than I to assemble all the necessary aspects needed to complete the actual construction of our newly created political entity.  Readers will discover in the pages before them that we possess all that we need to create a free and beautiful new land and  we can do so without squandering bountiful resources and opportunities as so many other “new” countries have that have come before us.

What matters is the driving force to a new Gay State.  That driving force is the distress of the global Gay community.  Who dares to deny that this force exists?  We shall deal with it in the chapter on the causes of anti-Gay forces. 

Think for a moment of the steam power that is generated by boiling water in a tea kettle and which then lifts the kettle lid.  Such a tea-kettle phenomenon are the pro-Gay rights movements and the many other organized efforts to combat anti-Gay hysteria. 

This force, if properly used, is powerful enough to run powerful machines and transport extraordinary equipment and legions of men.  The machine, or the global Gay rights organizations that will ally with us, will muster the strength and power to do magnificent work.

I am profoundly convinced that I am right; I do not know whether I shall be proved right in my lifetime.  The men and womyn who inaugurate this movement will not likely live to see its glorious conclusion.   Nation building can take generations.   But the very inauguration will bring these committed patriots honor for generations of Gay citizens to come and the happiness of inner freedom into their lives.   

To protect my plan from the suspicion that it is a Utopian fantasy, I shall use picturesque details in my description but will keep such descriptions to a minimum.  As it is, I suspect that unthinking scoffers will attempt to invalidate the whole idea by distorting my outline.  Political opponents boasting of their moral superiority, will demean and disparage every nugget of detail that they can twist to their advantage.  A generally intelligent Gay man to whom I presented the matter said that details of the future presented as reality were the hallmark of Utopia.  This is a fallacy.  I concede that arbitrary implementation of my concepts could just as likely lead to a “Mosquito Coast” of the new millennium.  Every minister of finance uses future figures in his budgetary estimates – not just figures derived from the averages of previous years and the past revenues of other states, but also figures for which there is no precedent for example, when a new tax is instituted.  Economists, financiers and all readers familiar with profit and loss statements will understand this.  Certain assumptions to future performance can be made when considering that the Gay demographic is more educated than the general population, which raises the Gay states potential to a new, never-before-seen potential.  Will this cause anyone to regard a draft of fiscal law as Utopian, even if he knows that it will never be possible to stick to the estimate very closely?  Again, it is a certainty that opponents will pick at any scab until there is blood and only then will they scoff in indignation.

Frankly I expect even more of my readers.  I ask the educated readers whom I am addressing to rethink and revise many old notions.  And I am particularly imposing upon the existing Gay leadership throughout the world, those who have actively striven to fill a leadership role within their local Gay community, to the extent of asking them to look upon their previous efforts as misguided and ineffectual. This will not come easily as in all dark corners of the world, we have had brave leaders in the Gay community who have given much of themselves to make their world a bit better.  Yet, we as a people, scattered about in over 195 nations, must begin to think of ourselves as “one.”  Our mission is greater than can be responsibly accommodated by a local city Gay task force, whether it be in Los Angeles, Auckland, Alexandria or Buenos Aires.  We must change our thinking to that of a global force and claim our rightful place in the world.

In presenting my idea I face a danger.  If I describe all those things of the future with restraint, it will seem as though even I do not believe that they are possible.  If on the other hand, I predict their realization unreservedly, everything may look like a figment of my imagination and the opponents will diminish our vision as a Polly-Anna form of wishful thinking.  In fact, I have in every way, employed a tempered restraint in every assessment to nation building.

Therefore I say clearly and emphatically: I do believe that my vision can be put into practice, even though I do not presume to know for certain the final form every aspect of the idea will take.  The Gay State is something the world needs and consequently will come into being. 

If this idea were only to be pursued by one person, it would be a rather narcissistic and perhaps delusional task; but if many Gays agree to work on it simultaneously, it is entirely reasonable and carrying it out will present no major obstacles.  People when working as one, have been known to move mountains and build Pyramids.  The idea depends only on the number of its adherents.  Perhaps our ambitious young people, will provide the energy to harness the power in masses, will stand on the shoulders of those of us who have come before them and all of us united as one movement, will see to it that this idea is disseminated.

With the third publication of this pamphlet I consider my task as completed.  I have come to expect an uproar in some quarters who find the notion of our rising to be their peers on the international stage as preposterous.  Reasoned criticisms usually quickly give way to veiled anti-Gayism.  Their minds will not be changed in the pages of this pamphlet and I therefore do not waste the time to engage them.  If attacks from estimable opponents force me to do so, or if it becomes necessary to refute unforeseen objections and eliminate errors, I will then speak freely on the topic.  This pamphlet is a collaboration and compilation of sources and ideas.  Our freedom will also be earned as a hard fought collaboration.  We are a people – one people.

In the culture of my immediate communities where I divide most of my personal time, perhaps I am not seeing these issues as most others do.  Am I ahead of my time?  Are the sufferings of Gay community still not great enough?  Do millions more need to be put to death, subjected to public stonings and floggings or forced into financial ruin, lost careers, ruined families and lives destroyed?  How many more Gay bashings must occur and how many more parents will murder their own gay children in order to save the honor of their good family name?  At present there are more than 80 nations that have made Gay sex illegal.  Men loving men, and to a slightly lesser degree, womyn loving womyn can face five, ten or even fifteen years in prison for making love in the privacy of their own homes.  Time will tell if we as a people are thirsty enough for freedom and the response to this pamphlet will be a serious indicator.

So it depends on the global Gay community whether this political pamphlet is, for the time being, only a political novel.  If the present generation is still too dulled by their lives at the margins, another, better, more advanced generation will come along.  Those Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender individuals who want a state of their own will have one and deservedly so.  My hope is that those of you who are reading these words will live long enough to see with your own eyes, the creation of the Gay State; your democracy that will be just over the horizon and ready to welcome you home!


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